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Cardhop for Mac

The contacts app you'll
actually want to use.

21 Day Free Trial
Requires macOS El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra


Quick and powerful actions


All of your contacts


Helpful and handy notes

Wi-Fi and Cellular Bluetooth Calling

Wi-Fi and Cellular Bluetooth Calling


  • A single natural language input field lets you quickly search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts
  • Works with all of your existing contacts
  • Interact with phone numbers and email addresses not in your contacts list


  • Quick-access menu bar app
  • Quick action buttons let you quickly select an action
  • The dashboard shows upcoming birthdays and recent contacts


  • Detach the menu bar window
  • Light or dark theme
  • Quickly toggle between groups and servers
Learn more about what Cardhop has to offer by watching our video tutorials.
Cardhop lets you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts in a fun and interactive way. Just type what you want and Cardhop will figure it out!
Add or Edit
Add or edit

AddAdd or edit

Add new contacts or edit existing contacts with unparalleled ease and simplicity. Just enter the name of the contact along with their details and then observe the smile on your face.

Add events


The old way of interacting with your contacts takes multiple steps to accomplish the actions you want. This all changes with Cardhop. After you try Cardhop, you'll wonder how you ever did it the old way.

Act on contacts Act on contacts

CardhopCardhop in action

Watch how easy Cardhop makes it to search, add, edit, and act on your contacts.

Add a contact
Add a contact from mail
Update a contact
Delete a contact field
Copy a contact field
Send an email
Make a call
Light and dark theme

All of your contacts
in one place

The same contacts that you already use will instantly be available in Cardhop. LinkedIn, iCloud, Google, Exchange, and Facebook are all supported.

Support for LinkedIn, iCloud, Google, Exchange, and Facebook

Notes will become your new best friend

It looks like a small detail, but Cardhop's notes field will help improve your relationships. Add a few details about your contacts and the next time you chat with them, you'll know more about them. And they'll appreciate it.

Notes in Cardhop

Wi-Fi and Cellular Bluetooth CallingWi-Fi and Cellular Bluetooth Calling

Use macOS Continuity and Wi-Fi Calling or your favorite phone's Bluetooth connection to make calls. Enter a name or number and your call will be made. Instantly.

Call contacts
Cardhop for Mac

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