Calendar Views

The Fantastical Dashbard provides three main ways to view your events and reminders: the DayTicker, the week view, and the month view.

The DayTicker

When you first open Fantastical, this is the view you’ll be presented with. The DayTicker is a great way to see your upcoming events and reminders. Each event is presented with a colored pill, showing approximately when in the day each event occurs. Swipe left and right to view events from the past or look ahead into the future. The DayTicker is also connected with your schedule below it. Swipe to a different date in the DayTicker and your schedule will also change.

Week view

Swipe down on the DayTicker to reveal the week view. The month calendar lets you quickly see how many events you have for each day (indicated by color coded dots), as well as jumping to a specific day in the month by tapping it. Swiping up or down on the month view changes it to the previous or next month. The calendar is synchronized with your schedule to the left of the calendar.

Full-screeen week view

Tap or drag the gray arrow at the bottom of week view downward to reveal full-screen week view. Swipe up and down to see more hours, and swipe left and right to see additional days. In addition to viewing your events, you can tap, hold, and drag events to reschedule them. You can also tap and hold on an event to reveal handles that let you change the duration of the event.