Adding Events and Reminders

Quickly and easily create new events and reminders with Fantastical's natural language input. Click the menu bar icon or use the keyboard shortcut to open Fantastical, then enter your event or reminder the way you would speak it (see below for examples). When creating an event, you can also drag the event preview to a different day or time, and the event creation details will update automatically. When you press Return, your new event or reminder will be added.

Video: Adding Events and Reminders

Tips for entering sentences

Fantastical's natural language engine is very powerful and very flexible. It can take input written the way you would normally speak it, and convert it into events and reminders for you without any extra effort.

Specifying a calendar or reminder list

You can specify which calendar or reminder list you'd like to add to by typing a slash (/) followed by the calendar or reminder list's name at the beginning or end of your sentence. For example, /h would switch to your calendar named Home and /w would switch to your Work calendar, etc. If you have more than one calendar or reminder list that starts with the same letter, the next letter in the name that is different will be used to differentiate the name.

Inviting people to events

Fantastical will search your Contacts when it looks like you're trying to invite someone to an event. For example, typing "Lunch with Beth tomorrow" will highlight Beth, allowing you to quickly invite Beth to the event. Fantastical will also search for contacts stored on your Google or Exchange server, providing you've added at least one of those accounts to Preferences > Accounts.

Checking contact availability

Video: Invitee Availability

After adding invitees to an event a check or cross icon will appear next to their name, indicating each invitee's availability at the time of your event. A yellow exclamation mark icon indicates that your contact is not available on the server, and thus availability is unable to work. Please note that iCloud does not support availability.

In addition to using the check and cross icons for a quick indication of your contacts' availability, a more detailed availability view can be displayed too. Click "Check availability" to open a schedule planner and observe your contacts' availability throughout the day (click the button to the right of the date to open this view in a separate window). In the bottom-left of the availability planner, you can use the pull-down menu to toggle the timeline to either display "All Day" or "Work Hours" (work hours are configured in Preferences > General > Day starts/ends at). The "Next available time" command is the quickest and easiest way to schedule an event, with Fantastical instantly performing the hard work of finding a time when you and your invitees are all free. You can also configure a time manually, and if one of your contacts has an event booked for the time of your event it'll turn red to indicate a conflict.

The availability window can also be shown from the Window menu after selecting an existing event. This allows you to see if your invitees' availability has changed, or to quickly reschedule an event to another suitable time.

Creating reminders

Fantastical will automatically create an event when you begin typing a sentence. You can explicitly tell Fantastical to create a reminder by clicking on the toggle slider at the top-right of the new event area.

If you'd like to tell Fantastical to create a reminder, you can start a sentence with "reminder", "todo", "task", or "√" (⌥V).

You can quickly set the priority of a new reminder by adding exclamation points to the end of your reminder. More exclamation points will increase the priority of the reminder.


Here are some sentences you might enter while using Fantastical:

  • Grocery shopping at Wegmans Thursday at 5pm
  • Soccer practice every Tuesday at 6
  • Family vacation from August 9-18
  • Lunch with Matthew at 123 Main St. at 1:30 Monday
  • Sam's birthday every year on 5/16
  • Piano lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5-6pm from 1/21 to 2/23
  • Lunch every Tuesday until 2/5
  • Final project due August 15
  • Finish important task by Thursday!!!

Manually specifying a start date

In the Mini Window, double-click a day in the calendar to start a new entry for that specific day. In the Full Calendar Window, you can double-click on a day in the week or month view, or on a specific time in the day view to create a new event at that point.

You can also drag within the day, week, or month views of the calendar to specify both start and end dates. Place your mouse cursor where you want the event to start, then click and drag to the time you'd like it to end.