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  • Hide Cardhop in menu bar: If you check this setting, no icon for Cardhop will be shown in the menu bar

  • Hide Cardhop in Dock: If you check this setting, no icon for Cardhop will appear in the Dock

  • Always show account on contact cards: Enable to see which account each contact belongs to directly in the contact card

  • Light theme: Cardhop will display with lighter colors

  • Play user interface sounds: If this is disabled, Cardhop will not play any audio when performing actions

  • Text size: Use this to adjust the text size of to fit your display size and personal preference

  • Address format: Choose which regional address format you wish Cardhop to use

  • Sort by: Choose to sort contacts by either first name or last name

  • Display name: Choose the order that names are displayed in Cardhop

  • Default account: Set the account that new contacts will be added to by default

  • Twitter app: Choose which app you want the Tweet action to open

  • Open maps in: Choose whether locations are opened in Apple Maps or Google Maps

Keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcut option sets the system-wide shortcut used to instantly open Cardhop from any app.

To set a keyboard shortcut, click the "Record Shortcut" button, then press the desired keyboard shortcut. When you release the keys, the shortcut will be saved automatically and displayed in the button's title.

This shortcut will be available in any app, so use a key combination that won't conflict with default shortcuts.


In this Preferences tab, you can control the default contact fields that appear when you create new contacts. Click the (+) Add Field button near the bottom, and you can add a myriad of details like job title, URL, social media profiles, nickname, and many more.


  • Show quick actions in contact list: This option allows you to hide the quick action icons when hovering your cursor over a contact in list view

  • Show quick actions on contact cards: This option allows you to hide the quick action icons when viewing a contact card

Call using

Choose whether to make calls via an iPhone using the macOS Continuity or Wi-Fi Calling services, or via a Bluetooth phone that is paired with your Mac.