1. Common Issues and Solutions for Fantastical

    Make sure you're up to date:

    Please make sure you are updated to version 3.2.2 on Mac and version 3.2.2 on iOS and iPadOS. We work as quickly as we can to resolve any issues that have been reported to us. Thank you for taking the time to let us know if you run into a problem!

    If you'd like to cancel your Fantastical Premium trial:

    If you signed up for a trial through the App Store, you can cancel your trial here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

    If you signed up for a trial through our website, you can cancel your trial at hub.flexibits.com. Log in, select Subscription, then select Edit Billing Information.

    If you're having Apple Watch issues:

    If your Apple Watch is stuck showing red sync arrows, make sure you’re running the latest version of Fantastical. You need to update your app and you should also restart your phone and watch after installing it to get it to work. Also, make sure you've signed up for a free Flexibits account and logged into it on your iPhone. Also make sure that you've signed into your Calendar accounts in Fantastical on your iPhone as well. Let us know if you're still having trouble.

    If your Apple Watch is slow, this is expected behavior and a limitation of Apple Watch. It will eventually catch up, but the watch processor isn’t very fast and we are pushing the limits with Fantastical. You get powerful features at the expense of some performance. Newer models of Apple Watch should have better performance.

    If you’re wondering about the free Flexibits Account, here’s more info:

    • Please see our privacy policy.

    • All Fantastical Premium users need a free Flexibits Account.

    • To add your calendar accounts directly to Fantastical open Fantastical's in-app settings and tap Accounts > Add Account. Select the calendar service you use to sync your events and enter your credentials to connect the account directly to Fantastical.

    We have a support document at that can help you get started. There's also a series of videos that can walk you through the process.

    • Fantastical 2 users: A Flexibits account is only required to sync with an Apple Watch. This account is free to use and does not require a Fantastical Premium subscription. This account is needed because it allows your phone and Apple Watch to communicate even when they are not near each other (such as if you have a LTE Apple Watch). Your calendar data is end-to-end encrypted and kept private. There are more details about privacy and your data on our privacy policy.

    If you were a prior user of Fantastical 2 for Mac, for iPhone, or for iPad:

    The new Fantastical will automatically recognize your prior purchase and activate a special unlocked version. This will give you all of your existing Fantastical 2 features.

    If you’re a previous Fantastical 2 user and believe some features went away (don’t worry, they didn’t!), please see this document. It should clarify your questions.

    Note: The unlock is platform specific. If you purchased on the Mac but not the iPhone, or vice versa, you'll get the features unlocked for the platform you purchased. You'll even get a few extra bonus features. In short, you'll get everything you have currently as well as some new features. Even better, this means you'll get continued bug fixes and support. The optional Fantastical Premium subscription will enable even more features, but it is not required to use Fantastical. You can get info on pricing and the new features on our pricing page.

    If you originally bought Fantastical 2 from the Mac App Store, you need to delete any copies of Fantastical you have on your computer and download the new Fantastical for Mac app from the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID used to purchase the app originally. Download Fantastical on the Mac App Store here.

    If you originally bought through our website, delete any copies of Fantastical you have on your computer and then download the new Fantastical for Mac app from our website here. If you need to retrieve your Fantastical 2 license code you can do so from our support page. Once you your Fantastical 2 license, go to the Fantastical menu and choose "Enter Fantastical 2 License Code" and enter it.

    If you're seeing multiple location access prompts for Fantastical Helper on Mac:

    Click the gear icon at the bottom of the mini window and select Quit Fantastical Completely. Redownload Fantastical from wherever you originally got it from and replace the existing version. Restart your Mac and then relaunch Fantastical. This should fix the issue.

    Hiding the app in the Dock with Fantastical for Mac:

    The hide in Dock option has changed. Fantastical can now run in the background, so you don't need to keep Fantastical open to use the mini window. Enabling Run in background in Fantastical's General preferences will show the mini window at startup and allow you to quit Fantastical and remove it from the Dock.

    If you want the main Fantastical window to open at startup, go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and add the main Fantastical app there.

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