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Keyboard Shortcuts

Quickly create entries, search them, and navigate between views using Fantastical's many shortcuts. (If you find that some shortcuts are not working, it is likely that macOS has active system shortcuts that are conflicting. You can re-map these shortcuts in System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts.)

Modifier Keys

  • Option-click the menu bar icon to open the Full Calendar Window.
  • Option-double-click a date or event in the Mini Window to jump to it in the Full Calendar Window.
  • Option-drag to duplicate an event in the day, week, and month views.
  • Option-drag in the week view to create a timed event that repeats across multiple days.
  • Hold command and option, then drag to create an event over an existing event.
  • Dragging an event in the day and week views snaps to 15-minute increments. Hold down shift while dragging to disable this.
  • Press the option key when changing an Exchange category to replace existing categories on the event.
  • Press the option key when clicking the travel time popup to toggle between calculating travel time from your home or work address.
  • Hold the option key when changing the start time of an event to change the start time without automatically updating the end time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

⌘: Command, ⌥: Option, ⌃: Control, ⇧: Shift

  • ⌃⌥Space: Open or close Fantastical (customizable in Settings)
  • ⌘F: Search
  • ⌘N: Enter a new event
  • ⌘T: Go to Today
  • ⌘R: Show or hide the task list
  • ⌘Q: Quit
  • ⌘,: Settings
  • ⌘P: Print
  • ⌘I: Get info
  • ⌘K: Toggle between event and task mode when adding a new item
  • ⌃⌘A: Toggle keep Mini Window on top mode
  • ⇢: Jump to next month
  • ⇠: Jump to previous month
  • ⇧⇢: Jump to next day
  • ⇧⇠: Jump to previous day
  • ⇧⇣: Jump to next week
  • ⇧⇡: Jump to previous week
  • ⌘E: Show or hide details
  • ⌘⌫, ⌫: Delete item
  • ⇧⌘I: Show detected invitees (when creating a new event with people to invite)

Shortcuts when selecting an item in Day or Week view

  • ⌃⌘⇢: Move item to the next day
  • ⌃⌘⇠: Move item to the previous day
  • ⌃⌘⇣: Move item forward 15 minutes
  • ⌃⌘⇡: Move item backward 15 minutes
  • ⌃⌘⇣: Move start of event forward 15 minutes
  • ⌃⌘⇡: Move start of event backward 15 minutes
  • ⌃⇧⇣: Move end of event forward 15 minutes
  • ⌃⇧⇡: Move end of event backward 15 minutes

Shortcuts when searching

  • ⌘⇣: Jump from the search field to the first search result

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