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Here are answers to some common questions about how Flexibits and our apps use and store your data.

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What personal information we collect

Where are my events, tasks, and contacts stored?

In general, your events, reminders, and contacts are stored on your device and are not sent anywhere else (see exceptions below). Your account’s password is stored securely on your device using the Keychain.


Fantastical and Cardhop use your username and password to sync and display your events, reminders, and contacts. Your username and password are stored securely in the Keychain. The Keychain is part of macOS and iOS and is responsible for securely storing usernames and passwords. Your account username is securely synced between devices, but Flexibits does not have access to this information and your password is never sent off of your device. Your account information is never used for any reason other than to sync your data.

What data is sent to Flexibits when using Fantastical Openings?

When does an app use my location?

Fantastical uses your location for the following:

When your location is sent off your device:

Cardhop never uses your location.

Do you use end-to-end encryption when syncing data between devices?

Fantastical uses end-to-end encryption to sync your calendar sets, templates, interesting calendars, Apple Watch data, and account usernames. End-to-end encryption ensures that nobody but you can access this data.

Your Flexibits Account Key is used to encrypt your data when it is stored on a Flexibits server. Your Flexibits Account Key is stored on iCloud to make it easy to sign in to other devices that use the same iCloud account.

When does an app send data to Flexibits?

Fantastical for Mac:

Fantastical for iOS:

Cardhop for Mac:

Cardhop for iOS:


How do I delete my Flexibits account?

Where are Flexibits servers located?

Who is the EU GDPR Representative (Art 27 EU GDPR)?

Felix Gebhard (Certified Data Protection Officer - Tuev Sued)
FX Data UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Verhoevenstrasse 4
81739 München
Contact: [email protected], +49.89.785 763 94

If you are an organization based in the EU you can opt in to our DPA and standard contractual clauses.


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