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Having trouble syncing reminders with iOS 13 and macOS?

iOS 13 introduces new Reminders features that are not available on macOS Mojave or iOS 12. If you upgrade your reminders for iOS 13 you will not be able to access them on older devices. This includes Macs running macOS Mojave. The new Reminders support will be available in macOS Catalina next month. Until then, if you need access to your reminders on your Mac do not upgrade your reminders on iOS 13.

Having trouble connecting to iCloud with Fantastical for Mac?

Please be sure you have two-factor authentication enabled. Apple requires that iCloud accounts have two-factor authentication enabled in order to use apps such as Fantastical. Please see our iCloud page for more info. This is required by Apple's servers to increase security, this is not something we can disable.

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