Flexibits, Your Data, and Your Privacy

If you're looking for a privacy policy full of legalese, you won't find one here. This is because we don't collect or store your personal data. Here are answers to some common questions about how we store your data.

Is my personal data shared with Flexibits or anyone else?

No. All of your events, reminders, and contacts are synced from your calendar and contacts services (such as iCloud, Google, or Exchange) and stored on your device. Your personal data is never sent to Flexibits or anyone else.

Why do Fantastical and Cardhop ask for the username and password of my accounts?

Fantastical and Cardhop use your username and password to sync and display your events, reminders, and contacts. Your username and password are stored securely in the Keychain. The Keychain is part of macOS and iOS and is responsible for securely storing usernames and passwords. Your account information is never used for any reason other than to sync your data, and your account information never leaves your device.

When is data sent to Flexibits?

Fantastical for Mac:

Fantastical for iPhone and Fantastical for iPad:

Cardhop for Mac:

Cardhop for iOS:



What other entities does Flexibits use to process or store personal data?

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