Cardhop for Mac FAQ

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  1. Does Flexibits collect any personal data about my contacts?

    Cardhop does not collect or transmit any personal data. See our privacy page for more information.

  2. How do I add my contacts to Cardhop?

    Open macOS System Preferences > Internet Accounts. Here, you'll either already have your accounts added or need to add them. Once your accounts have been added, make sure the Contacts option is enabled for each account.

  3. Does Cardhop support other mail apps?

    Cardhop sends emails with your Mac's default mail app, which you can customize. Here's how to change the default mail app:

    • Open the built-in Mail app
    • Open Preferences and select General
    • Change default email reader to the mail app you'd like to use
  4. Why isn't Cardhop using my iPhone (or other Bluetooth phone) to make calls?

    Your iPhone or Bluetooth phone needs to be paired with your Mac before Cardhop can use it. Check System Preferences > Bluetooth and make sure your device is paired with your Mac. Once you've paired your device, check Cardhop Preferences > Actions and look for your device in the Call Using list.

  5. Does Cardhop have a way to merge duplicate contacts?

    No, but the built-in macOS Contacts app has this feature. Open Contacts, then select the Card menu > Look for Duplicates...

  6. How many Macs can I use Cardhop on with my license?

    A single license purchased from the Flexibits Store can be used for personal use by a family of up to six people on multiple Macs. If you want to use Cardhop with people who aren't in the same family, such as a business context, then you'll need to purchase additional licenses for each user. We have volume discounts available for bulk license purchases.

  7. Do you offer education or military discounts?

    Yes, we offer a 20% educational or military discount! Request a discount from us at the Flexibits Store and include proof of your educational institution, student status, or military service (such as a copy of your ID). You can contact us if you have any questions or have trouble receiving the discount.

  8. Where can I get information about the open source code that Cardhop uses?

    Please see our acknowledgements page.

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