Cardhop for iOS FAQ

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  1. Does Flexibits collect any personal data about my contacts?

    Cardhop does not collect or transmit any personal data. See our privacy page for more information.

  2. Where can I choose which apps to complete actions in?

    Go to Cardhop's Settings > Actions to select which browser, mail, map and Twitter app to complete actions in. Most popular apps are supported by Cardhop.

  3. How do I email an entire group?

    Type 'Mail /groupname subject' into Cardhop's search bar and complete the action in your default mail app. For example, 'Mail /London Drinks tonight?' will open your mail app and create an email to all the contacts in the group called 'London' with the title 'Drinks tonight?' in the subject line.

  4. How do I dial numbers from Cardhop?

    Just type 'Call' (or tap the phone button above the keyboard) followed by the number you wish to call. You'll then be prompted to complete the call in the iOS Phone app.

  5. Can I check my voicemail from Cardhop?

    Yes, either dial your voicemail number directly in Cardhop, or add your voicemail number to Cardhop as a contact.

  6. Which line will Cardhop use to dial contacts (for Dual SIM iPhones)?

    Cardhop will default to the most recently used line to dial contacts. Due to iOS restrictions, Cardhop is unable to allow users to choose which line to dial from. However, you can set a specific line override for a contact in the Phone or Contacts apps. Then your iPhone will always use that line when calling the contact, even if you dial the contact from Cardhop.

  7. Can I sync my groups in Cardhop with my labels on Google Contacts?

    Google Contacts labels do not sync with groups on macOS or iOS. This is a limitation in Google's CardDAV support. However, groups you create on your Google account in Cardhop will sync between all of your Mac and iOS devices.

  8. Why are my Exchange groups listed as separate accounts?

    In contrast to other contact services, Exchange only allows a contact to be in one group at a time. Cardhop on iOS shows this by making each Exchange group appear as a separate account rather than a group.

  9. Why are my accounts named 'Untitled Account'?

    iOS does not share account names with apps, so Cardhop is unable to automatically show you the name of your account from the iOS Settings app. However, you can rename your accounts in Cardhop.

    • Go to the settings tab in Cardhop
    • Tap Default Account
    • Tap Edit
    • Tap the blue i and give your account a new name

    Once you have named your accounts you will see these account names used throughout Cardhop.

  10. Where can I get information about the open source code that Cardhop uses?

    Please see our acknowledgements page.

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