That’s right, Fantastical now fits in your pocket! Since we released Fantastical for Mac, the most common question we’ve received is, “Where is the iPhone version?” A year and a half later, it’s finally here.

Why did it take us so long? Because we couldn’t just port the Mac version to the iPhone. One of the cornerstones of Flexibits is making apps that are appropriate. Simply porting a Mac app to iPhone is not appropriate, and quite frankly, we never had any ideas that would set Fantastical for iPhone apart from the iOS Calendar app.

Over the past year we’ve been working on our new contacts app for the Mac — and that’s as much of a tease as you’re getting, so don’t ask for more! 😉 

During the summer we also got the idea for the DayTicker, and we were so happy with how our initial prototype of the DayTicker came out, we had to put the contacts app on hold. “What’s the DayTicker?” you ask? It’s the fastest way to view and interact with your schedule.

Rather than describe what Fantastical for iPhone is, we’ve made a video for you that we’re pretty jazzed about. Watch the video and then, hopefully, go download Fantastical for iPhone on the App Store. Best of all, Fantastical for iPhone has a limited-time special introductory price of $1.99 (US). We hope you will agree that it’s the fast and friendly calendar app.

Finally, we’d like to extend our thanks to Wolfgang Bartelme, who created the beautiful artwork for Fantastical for iPhone; David Lanham of The Iconfactory, who created the fantastically fantastic icon for Fantastical; Mark Settle, who created the wonderful video; and Israel Alonso, who created the wonderful website design you’re currently looking at.

And since we’re being all mushy and sharing the love: our sincere thanks to you, our customers. You help us make money so we can keep making great apps. We love you!