1. Fantastical 2 for iPhone has launched! October 30, 2013

    We’re happy to announce that Fantastical 2 is ready for your tapping and swiping pleasure. We said it would be ready in October, and we’ve kept our word — with an entire day to spare! 🙂 Rather than list all of the great new features, check out the great video on the spiffy, all-new Fantastical 2 webpage.

    We have lots more in store for Fantastical on the iOS front. When we’re ready to talk more about it, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

    For now, stick around, and take a look at Fantastical 2. We hope you’ll discover the new features that makes it worth the wait. Download Fantastical 2 for iPhone on the App Store now.

    Our thanks to everyone we’ve worked with that helped us create Fantastical 2: Wolfgang Bartelme for his design prowess; David Lanham of The Iconfactory for our beautiful icon; Fabian Kreiser and Cedric Pansky for their additional help with the programming; and Mark Settle, who again, made a great video for us. Additional thanks to everyone else that appears in the app’s credits: your input was invaluable.

    Finally and most importantly, our special thanks to everyone who uses Fantastical. Your support and feedback helps us to keep making the apps we love to make.