Five years ago, we started working on Fantastical for Mac. It was an ambitious goal: to make calendaring fast and enjoyable. At that time, the calendar app for OS X was iCal and we found it really difficult to add new events and find existing ones. Fantastical for Mac was our solution to that problem. It provided a fast and easy way to add your events with a friendly and very accurate natural language parsing engine. Simply typing a sentence and getting an event added to your calendar made calendaring a breeze, as well as a lot more fun.

Over the past five years we’ve continued on our mission to improve calendaring. We added Reminders support into Fantastical, letting you seamlessly manage your events and reminders together. We also released Fantastical for iPhone back in 2012. In 2013, iOS 7 came along, we redesigned our iPhone app, and Fantastical 2 for iPhone was born. With its perfect 5-star review on the US App Store (as of the writing of this blog post, anyway!), it’s clear that our users are enjoying our vision of improving calendaring.

In 2014, we released Fantastical 2 for iPad. Designed specifically for iPad, it introduced the Fantastical Dashboard, which made it easier than ever to keep track of a busy schedule on an iPad.

We’ve taken the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years and made what we think is the best version of Fantastical yet. Today, we’re introducing the next generation of Fantastical as we replace the app that started it all. Introducing: Fantastical 2 for Mac. While we could write so much about it, we think it’s better if you go to the Fantastical 2 for Mac webpage, watch the video, and read about all of the new features.

We hope you’ll enjoy our next generation of Fantastical and, more importantly, we hope it makes you even more productive than the original Fantastical did.

We also want to give prior users (hopefully that’s you!) a discount to say “thanks,” so we’re launching with a limited-time sale that will provide you with a 20% discount.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone for your support throughout the years. We’re just two guys who make our living making apps, and your purchase allows us to continue making apps like Fantastical 2 for Mac. In other words, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you! 🙂

– Michael and Kent