Even though we stopped selling Fantastical 1 for Mac when we launched Fantastical 2 for Mac back in March, support has continued for existing users. We have been tracking the top issues and today we’re happy to announce Fantastical 1.3.19 for Mac.

This will be the final update for Fantastical 1 and support for Fantastical 1 for Mac has now ended. After more than four years of free updates and support, it’s time to focus our efforts, energy, and resources on Fantastical 2.

Fantastical 1 will continue to work and will not expire. But we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Fantastical 2 for Mac. It has many new features and a brand new design that we think you’re going to love. And, as you’ve come to expect from us, we have a lot more planned for the future.

If you want to update to Fantastical 1.3.19 for Mac and bought directly from us, open Preferences > Update and click “Check for Update…”.

If you bought via the Mac App Store, quit Fantastical, move it to the Trash, then empty the Trash. Next, click this link to open the Purchases tab. Click the Install button next to Fantastical in the Purchases tab and it will install Fantastical 1.3.19.

Something else important for Fantastical 1 users to know: Fantastical 2 for Mac is currently 20% off. Because the Mac App Store does not allow upgrades, this was our way of offering a discount to Fantastical 1 users. We’ve extended the launch sale a few times, but all good things must come to an end. The Fantastical 2 for Mac launch sale will end on January 10 and the price will increase to US$49.99.

As always, thank you for your support of Flexibits. We hope you continue to enjoy our apps as much as we enjoy making them!