One year ago we released Fantastical 2 for Mac. During the past year, Fantastical 2 won the coveted Apple Design Award and Apple called Fantastical 2 “…a meticulously designed, full-featured calendaring app.”

Today, we’re celebrating Fantastical 2’s birthday by shipping the biggest update in Flexibits history. Version 2.2 is here and it’s a massive (and free!) update that we think you’re going to love.

The headlining new feature in version 2.2 is native Exchange support. Previously, Fantastical’s Exchange implementation was dependent upon Apple’s built-in calendar support. While this allowed Exchange accounts to work with Fantastical, there were a number of features it couldn’t support. With our own Exchange implementation, these limitations are no more. Here are some of the Exchange features that Fantastical now supports:

  • Responding to invitations
  • Invitee availability lookup
  • Meeting room and resource scheduling and lookup
  • Categories
  • Global Address List lookup
  • Support for shared and delegated calendars
  • Moving events from other calendar services to your Exchange calendars and vice versa
  • Push updates (for Exchange Server 2013 and Office 365)

Also new in version 2.2 is our spiffy invitee availability view. When using a compatible service — such as Google or Exchange — you’ll be able to see your invitees’ availability and let Fantastical instantly schedule a meeting for when you’re all free, saving you the time of coordinating with multiple people. (iCloud does not support availability.)

Believe it or not, our next feature is actually one of our most requested: printing. Fantastical now offers the ability to print your calendars and reminder lists in a variety of different views and with multiple, detailed configuration options. We know a lot of you have been asking for this for quite a while now, but we wanted to make sure we got this right.

Finally, here’s the crazy long list of other additions and improvements in version 2.2:

  • iCloud shared calendar notifications
  • Invitee response notifications when someone accepts or declines your invitation
  • Google Hangout links are now shown with Google Apps accounts
  • Push for Google accounts shows changes immediately
  • Receive suggestions from Google Contacts when adding invitees
  • Location suggestions now appear as you type in sentences for new events
  • Multiple selection (move and delete multiple items at once)
  • Drag and drop the preview to reschedule events and reminders as you’re creating them
  • Second time line with custom time zone for day and week views (Thanks, Hamid!)
  • Added preference to start month view on the current week
  • Selected date is now highlighted in week and month views
  • Improved year view makes it easier to see very busy days
  • Faster search when using calendars with large numbers of recurring events
  • Importing events from .ics files will now add default alerts to the imported events
  • Set the refresh rate of individual subscribed calendars
  • Incorrect password errors are no longer persistent
  • Use Apple Mail or Airmail to send event invitations and responses when using a CalDAV server that doesn’t support server-side invitations
  • Mail events using Airmail when it is set as your default email reader
  • General performance improvements and fixes throughout the app

A massive update, indeed.

In the coming weeks we’ll have additional posts that will go into greater detail about version 2.2’s new features — so stay tuned.