The last few posts on our blog have covered the major new features from Fantastical’s 2.2 update. This is the final part of our Fantastical 2.2 series, and we’re going out with a bang! Here’s an additional eight features that we’ve not yet covered. Enjoy!

Automatic location suggestions

Before 2.2, entering a location in Fantastical required you to enter text in the separate location field if you wanted to search for location suggestions. Now all you have to do is type your location directly into the main parser field and Fantastical’s natural language processing will present you with a list of options on the fly. For example, type “Meeting at 1:30pm at Starbucks” and the closest locations will be shown.

Multiple selection

No one enjoys editing multiple events one-by-one, and you can now use the shift key to select multiple events to delete, cut, copy, or move in bulk. This should help take the pain out of extensive editing sessions.

Drag and drop preview

Have you ever started typing out an event only to realize that you created it for the wrong day or time by mistake? Instead of going back and deleting your text or typing in a new date and time in the event’s details, you can now simply drag the event preview to another day in the main calendar window or the mini-month view in the sidebar.

Second time line

If you have friends, family, or coworkers in other time zones, this will make coordinating with them much easier. Enable Fantastical’s second time line and you’ll see another set of hours on the right-hand side of Day and Week view. Choose a different time zone and you’ll be able to quickly see what time it is in that time zone and compare it with your own time zone. Convenient or what?

Set subscribed calendars’ refresh frequency

If you subscribe to calendars in Fantastical, you can now configure how frequently you’d like these calendars to refresh. Now you’ll never miss another subscribed calendar update again!

Invitation response and shared calendar change notifications

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a master planner, this feature will bring a smile to your face: Fantastical will show you a notification when someone responds to one of your invitations, keeping you immediately up to date with everyone’s attendance at your next event. This feature is only available on CalDAV servers that support these notifications (including iCloud).

Fantastical 2.2 also shows change notifications if you have a shared calendar or reminder list on iCloud. This lets you know when changes are made to the shared calendar or reminder list, and who made them.

Airmail integration

Fans of Airmail will be pleased to hear that Fantastical can now email events directly through Airmail. Just make sure that you’re using Airmail 3 and set it to be your default email app in the built-in Mail app’s preferences.

Viewing enhancements

Last but not least, we’ve made all sorts of minor but useful UI tweaks for your convenience: the current day is now highlighted in light blue, the Year view has been enhanced, and you can also choose to start the Month view on the current week instead of the start of the month.

We hope these little improvements add up to make Fantastical even more of a pleasure to use. Thanks again to those who took the time to get in touch and share their thoughts — there’s been lots of feedback from you all and we always appreciate hearing it.