Believe it or not, prior to Fantastical 2.2, one of our most requested features was printing. We eventually realized this was because many of our customers find printing to be especially useful in a corporate environment. As such, we are happy to say that Fantastical now has full printing support!

This blog post will provide a brief overview of Fantastical’s printing ability. Feel free to check our documentation for further details. We also have a short video walkthrough of printing.

Print preview

To see a quick preview of what your final printout will look like, go to File > Print or use the command-P keyboard shortcut. You’ll be presented with a preview of your printed calendar. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom-left to flip through your pages, or take a closer look by using the zoom slider.

Changing view and paper options

In the top-right of the print preview there are options to change the current view and paper configurations. The view option allows you to change your printout to reflect day, week, month, year, and list views (you can also press command-1 through command-5 to quickly jump between these views. The paper option allows you to create a printout to match whatever size paper you’re using.

Setting a printing range

Below the view and paper options lies the range settings. Here you can specify the start and end dates for your printout. The options presented here will differ depending on your chosen view, but whatever your required parameters, Fantastical will be able to accommodate them.

Customizing calendar elements

Various other options exist to help you tailor the data on your printout to your needs. You’re able to choose a specific calendar set and toggle the following elements on or off: all-day events, timed events, reminders, and week numbers. You can also toggle a mini calendar, color-coded keys to identify which calendar or reminder list items belong to, or choose to save some ink by printing in black and white.

Printer options

After setting up your printout exactly as you wish, click Continue and you’ll see the confirmation screen. Here you’ll find the usual printer options that macOS provides, including the ability to save your printout as a PDF. With the clean and crisp design that Fantastical applies to calendar printouts, you may find that you want to save blank copies of the various calendar views for use in other situations, too.

We hope everyone who requested printing will enjoy its configurability and aesthetic. We’ll be posting the final part of our version 2.2 blog series in a few weeks. In that post, we’ll discuss all of the miscellaneous yet important features not yet covered in our other posts. Until then, we hope you’re continuing to enjoy Fantastical!