Greetings Fantastical fans! It’s time for another big update to Fantastical 2 for Mac, bringing a collection of new features that we think you’re going to love. We’ll briefly outline the additions, but be sure to check it out for yourself by updating to version 2.3 right now (it’s a free update!).

Full macOS Sierra (10.12) compatibility

Even though Fantastical is already compatible with Sierra, 2.3 brings some final bits of polish to make Fantastical even more at home on Sierra. In particular, be sure to check out the updated Today widget appearance.

Fantastical 2.3 requires macOS El Capitan (10.11) or Sierra (10.12). macOS Yosemite (10.10) is no longer supported, so be sure to stay up to date with latest version of macOS.

Hide, show, and resize the sidebar

If you use Fantastical on a small-screen Mac, you’re going to love this feature. You can now completely hide the sidebar in the main calendar window, allowing your main calendar view to take up the entire window. Just drag to resize, select View > Hide Sidebar from the Menu, or press option-command-S. If you thought the sidebar was too small in the past, you can also drag to make the sidebar wider.

Default calendar and reminder list per calendar set

Calendar sets are even better in 2.3, as you can set a default calendar and reminder list for each calendar set. This means you can have your Work calendar as the default for your “Work” calendar set, but when you switch to your “Home” set, a different calendar will become your default. This makes changing between different contexts even more efficient.

Improved Facebook support

Update: Facebook integration is no longer available in Fantastical.

Facebook users can now enjoy faster updates, accept or decline invitations to Facebook events, and set alerts for upcoming events. If Facebook is a big part of organizing your social gatherings, this update will make life easier for you. If you aren’t using Facebook with Fantastical already, add your Facebook account to the Accounts section of Fantastical’s preferences.

Default invitation alerts

If you prefer to automatically be reminded of meetings that you’re invited to, there’s now an option to apply your usual default alerts to event invitations when you accept them. This will save you time manually editing each new invitation that you accept.

Usability enhancements

Last but not least, we’ve spent time fine-tuning other aspects of Fantastical’s UI. You can now press control-shift and hover over overlapping events in the Day or Week view to quickly view more details. Or press control and an arrow key to reschedule a selected event or reminder instantly. We also added support for traditional mouse scroll wheels in the Day, Week, Month, and Year views (classic mouse enthusiasts rejoice!).

Version 2.3 also includes a bunch of other small improvements, things we polished, and bugs we squashed. We hope you enjoy these new additions, and as always, thanks for your continued support as we continue to make Fantastical the best it can be!