When I’m at work, I live in both my calendar and my task manager. My calendar tells me where I need to be and my task manager tells me what I need to do. This separation often works well, but sometimes it’s nice to see all the things you need to do in one place, and Fantastical makes this easy.

If you’re using Apple Reminders, Todoist, or your calendar service has tasks built in, then you can get everything into your calendar. Just go to the Fantastical settings on any device, go to Accounts, and then add whichever app or service you use. Reminders will be turned on immediately, and all other services will ask you to authenticate with your account credentials.

Once that’s done, you’re good to go; tasks with due dates will appear in your Fantastical app from now on. If a task has a due date, it will appear at the top of the day in Fantastical, kind of like an all-day calendar event. If it has a specific time it’s due, then it will appear on your calendar exactly when it’s due.

And if you’re using Calendar Sets to create different views in the app, your Reminders lists, Todoist projects, and any other list from a Google/Microsoft/etc. account can be added or removed from any Calendar Set. You have full control over what shows up where. Do you have one Calendar Set for work and another for home, but only want your tasks to show up when you’re at work? No problem, just add your tasks to the work Calendar Set and leave them off of your home one.

But Fantastical goes further than just showing your tasks — you can also create new ones and mark things complete straight from your calendar!

Each task on your calendar has a checkbox you can check to, you guessed it, mark that task complete. This of course syncs over to your task manager immediately. Alternatively, if you mark something complete in your task manager, then that item will disappear from Fantastical a few seconds later.

How do you add new tasks in Fantastical? The same way you add calendar events, of course! Just start typing out a new task and Fantastical will intelligently figure out when that task is due and what project to assign it to. And just like when creating calendar events, you can manually set priorities, due dates, and projects before you save it.

This may not appeal to everyone, especially people with large numbers of daily tasks, but I personally really like this feature because I have Fantastical open all day and it’s what I use as my primary tool to see what I should be working on at any given time. It’s a great feature and is something that helps me stay focused and productive at work.