1. Fantastical 2.3 for Mac November 3, 2016

    Greetings Fantastical fans! It’s time for another big update to Fantastical 2 for Mac, bringing a collection of new features that we think you’re going to love. We’ll briefly outline the additions, but be sure to check it out for yourself by updating to version 2.3 right now (it’s a free update!).

    Full macOS Sierra (10.12) compatibility

    Even though Fantastical is already compatible with Sierra, 2.3 brings some final bits of polish to make Fantastical even more at home on Sierra. In particular, be sure to check out the updated Today widget appearance.

    Fantastical 2.3 requires macOS El Capitan (10.11) or Sierra (10.12). macOS Yosemite (10.10) is no longer supported, so be sure to stay up to date with latest version of macOS.

    Hide, show, and resize the sidebar

    If you use Fantastical on a small-screen Mac, you’re going to love this feature. You can now completely hide the sidebar in the main calendar window, allowing your main calendar view to take up the entire window. Just drag to resize, select View > Hide Sidebar from the Menu, or press option-command-S. If you thought the sidebar was too small in the past, you can also drag to make the sidebar wider.

    Default calendar and reminder list per calendar set

    Calendar sets are even better in 2.3, as you can set a default calendar and reminder list for each calendar set. This means you can have your Work calendar as the default for your “Work” calendar set, but when you switch to your “Home” set, a different calendar will become your default. This makes changing between different contexts even more efficient.

    Improved Facebook support

    Facebook users can now enjoy faster updates, accept or decline invitations to Facebook events, and set alerts for upcoming events. If Facebook is a big part of organizing your social gatherings, this update will make life easier for you. If you aren’t using Facebook with Fantastical already, add your Facebook account to the Accounts section of Fantastical’s preferences.

    Default invitation alerts

    If you prefer to automatically be reminded of meetings that you’re invited to, there’s now an option to apply your usual default alerts to event invitations when you accept them. This will save you time manually editing each new invitation that you accept.

    Usability enhancements

    Last but not least, we’ve spent time fine-tuning other aspects of Fantastical’s UI. You can now press control-shift and hover over overlapping events in the Day or Week view to quickly view more details. Or press control and an arrow key to reschedule a selected event or reminder instantly. We also added support for traditional mouse scroll wheels in the Day, Week, Month, and Year views (classic mouse enthusiasts rejoice!)

    Version 2.3 also includes a bunch of other small improvements, things we polished, and bugs we squashed. We hope you enjoy these new additions, and as always, thanks for your continued support as we continue to make Fantastical the best it can be!

  2. Fantastical 2.2 for Mac: All the small things August 23, 2016

    The last few posts on our blog have covered the major new features from Fantastical’s 2.2 update. This is the final part of our Fantastical 2.2 series, and we’re going out with a bang! Here’s an additional eight features that we’ve not yet covered. Enjoy!

    Automatic location suggestions

    Before 2.2, entering a location in Fantastical required you to enter text in the separate location field if you wanted to search for location suggestions. Now all you have to do is type your location directly into the main parser field and Fantastical’s natural language processing will present you with a list of options on the fly. For example, type “Meeting at 1:30pm at Starbucks” and the closest locations will be shown.

    Multiple selection

    No one enjoys editing multiple events one-by-one, and you can now use the shift key to select multiple events to delete, cut, copy, or move in bulk. This should help take the pain out of extensive editing sessions.

    Drag and drop preview

    Have you ever started typing out an event only to realize that you created it for the wrong day or time by mistake? Instead of going back and deleting your text, or typing in a new date and time in the event’s details, you can now simply drag the event preview to another day in the main calendar window or the mini-month view in the sidebar.

    Second time line

    If you have friends, family, or coworkers in other time zones, this will make coordinating with them much easier. Enable Fantastical’s second time line and you’ll see another set of hours on the right-hand side of Day and Week view. Choose a different time zone and you’ll be able to quickly see what time it is in that time zone and compare it with your own time zone. Convenient or what?

    Set subscribed calendars’ refresh frequency

    If you subscribe to calendars in Fantastical, you can now configure how frequently you’d like these calendars to refresh. Now you’ll never miss another subscribed calendar update again!

    Invitation response and shared calendar change notifications

    Whether you’re a social butterfly or a master planner, this feature will bring a smile to your face: Fantastical will show you a notification when someone responds to one of your invitations, keeping you immediately up to date with everyone’s attendance at your next event. This feature is only available on CalDAV servers that support these notifications (including iCloud).

    Fantastical 2.2 also shows change notifications if you have a shared calendar or reminder list on iCloud. This lets you know when changes are made to the shared calendar or reminder list, and who made them.

    Airmail integration

    Fans of Airmail will be pleased to hear that Fantastical can now email events directly through Airmail. Just make sure that you’re using Airmail 3 and set it to be your default email app in the built-in Mail app’s preferences.

    Viewing enhancements

    Last but not least, we’ve made all sorts of minor but useful UI tweaks for your convenience: the current day is now highlighted in light blue, the Year view has been enhanced, and you can also choose to start the Month view on the current week instead of the start of the month.

    We hope these little improvements add up to make Fantastical even more of a pleasure to use. Thanks again to those who took the time to get in touch and share their thoughts — there’s been lots of feedback from you all and we always appreciate hearing it.

  3. Fantastical 2.2 for Mac: Printing August 11, 2016

    Believe it or not, prior to Fantastical 2.2, one of our most requested features was printing. We eventually realized this was because many of our customers find printing to be especially useful in a corporate environment. As such, we are happy to say that Fantastical now has full printing support!

    This blog post will provide a brief overview of Fantastical’s printing ability. Feel free to check our documentation for further details. We also have a short video walkthrough of printing.

    Print preview

    To see a quick preview of what your final printout will look like, go to File > Print or use the command-P keyboard shortcut. You’ll be presented with a preview of your printed calendar. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom-left to flip through your pages, or take a closer look by using the zoom slider.

    Changing view and paper options

    In the top-right of the print preview there are options to change the current view and paper configurations. The view option allows you to change your printout to reflect day, week, month, year, and list views (you can also press command-1 through command-5 to quickly jump between these views. The paper option allows you to create a printout to match whatever size paper you’re using.

    Setting a printing range

    Below the view and paper options lies the range settings. Here you can specify the start and end dates for your printout. The options presented here will differ depending on your chosen view, but whatever your required parameters, Fantastical will be able to accommodate them.

    Customizing calendar elements

    Various other options exist to help you tailor the data on your printout to your needs. You’re able to choose a specific calendar set and toggle the following elements on or off: all-day events, timed events, reminders, and week numbers. You can also toggle a mini calendar, color-coded keys to identify which calendar or reminder list items belong to, or choose to save some ink by printing in black and white.

    Printer options

    After setting up your printout exactly as you wish, click Continue and you’ll see the confirmation screen. Here you’ll find the usual printer options that macOS provides, including the ability to save your printout as a PDF. With the clean and crisp design that Fantastical applies to calendar printouts, you may find that you want to save blank copies of the various calendar views for use in other situations, too.

    We hope everyone who requested printing will enjoy its configurability and aesthetic. We’ll be posting the final part of our version 2.2 blog series in a few weeks. In that post, we’ll discuss all of the miscellaneous, yet important features not yet covered in our other posts. Until then, we hope you’re continuing to enjoy Fantastical!

  4. Fantastical 2.2 for Mac: Availability July 19, 2016

    We’re back with a dive into another new feature in Fantastical 2.2! If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you’re up to date and running Fantastical 2.2.4. If you purchased Fantastical from the Mac App Store you can update via the Mac App Store’s Updates tab. If you downloaded Fantastical directly from our store, simply select Check for Updates from the Fantastical menu in the upper-left of the menu bar.

    In this blog post we’re going to be taking a look at Fantastical’s powerful Availability view.

    Availability is a convenient, time-saving tool that helps you schedule event times with invitees and works with most major calendar services (with the exception of iCloud). Availability will save a lot of hassle when trying to schedule events with multiple invitees, leaving you free to focus on preparing for your event.

    Quickly viewing invitee availability

    As soon as you start adding invitees, you’ll notice a small icon next to their name. This icon denotes the invitee’s availability via a tick, cross or question mark, and allows you to quickly glance at your list of invitees to see who’s free at the planned time of your event.

    Checking invitee availability in detail

    By clicking Check Availability you can dive a bit deeper into your invitees’ calendars and view a timeline of their schedules around the time of your planned event. If there looks like there’s an available slot close to the original time of your event, simply drag and drop your event into the available slot and Fantastical will automatically update the event time and the invitee availability icons accordingly. You can also set Availability to display an all-day view or just working hours, and switch between days by using the arrow buttons at the top of the Availability view.

    Expanding the Availability window

    If you have a larger list of invitees, it might be a little cumbersome to try and view everyone’s schedules in the event creation window. In this case, click the pop-out window icon in the upper right of the Availability section, and Availability will become its own window that can be resized or maximized as you like.

    Auto-scheduling an event time

    It can often be a nightmare to try and coordinate everyone’s schedules, especially if you’re trying to manage a large invitee list! Thankfully, Availability has a Next Available Time button that can be selected to have Fantastical automatically find the next free slot that you and your invitees have in your schedules. Pretty convenient, right?

    Cancelling events with a message

    After successfully scheduling a time to meet, something may come up that requires the meeting to be cancelled. Due to this possibility, deleting an event will provide an option to send a message to your invitees, explaining your reason for canceling the event and hopefully reducing the amount of follow-up email you receive if an important meeting has to be postponed.

    If you’d like to see Availability in action, please be sure to watch our video walkthrough.

    We hope you enjoy getting to grips with Availability and that it saves you a significant amount of time when scheduling your events! We still have a few more 2.2 features to cover in this series of blog posts, and next time we’ll be discussing printing. Thanks for reading and we hope you’re enjoying Fantastical!

  5. Fantastical 2.2 for Mac: New Google Features May 16, 2016

    It’s time for another app update and another blog post! Fantastical 2.2.2 is now available and is a recommended update. If you purchased Fantastical from the Mac App Store you can update by opening the App Store app. If you downloaded Fantastical directly from our website you can update by selecting Check for Updates from the Fantastical menu in the app.

    Our last blog post discussed Fantastical 2.2’s new Exchange features. But if you’re a Google Calendar devotee we have some nice surprises for you too! This post will highlight some enhancements that Google Calendar users will appreciate. Enjoy!

    Push updates

    Push updates are now implemented in Fantastical, which means that changes made on Google Calendar’s website or another Google-connected device will show up in Fantastical within a few seconds. Push is automatically enabled in 2.2, but if it’s not working you can check the setting by going to Preferences > Accounts > your Google Account and making sure that Refresh interval is set to ‘Push’.

    Contact lookup

    If you have a long list of work-related contacts you may not want them to appear in your Mac’s Contacts app but still need them to be accessible in Fantastical. Fantastical 2.2 will now search Google Contacts directly when adding invitees to events.

    Just enable the ‘Enable Contact Search’ button in Preferences > Accounts and you’ll see your Google Contacts appear when adding invitees.

    Google Hangout links

    One of our most popular requests — if not the most popular! — Google Hangout links are integrated directly into an event’s details. If you use Google Hangouts with your contacts, this is a convenient way to quickly join Hangout.

    Resource scheduling for Google Apps

    Our latest 2.2.2 update now allows looking up and scheduling meeting rooms on Google Apps. When creating an event, simply type the name of the room in the location field and a list of matching rooms will be shown. You’ll notice either a check or a cross next to the name of the room, indicating whether that room is available at the time of your event. Finish Creating the event and the room will be booked for you.

    Please note that resource scheduling requires API access to be enabled by your Google Apps administrator. API access is enabled by default, but if your rooms are not appearing you may need to ask your Google Apps administrator to enable the setting.

    We hope that our Google users will enjoy these enhancements, and we thank you again for your continued support of Fantastical! We have more to talk about in Fantastical 2.2, so stay tuned for our next post about Fantastical’s powerful new Availability view. See you next time!

  6. Fantastical 2.2 for Mac: Native Exchange Support April 13, 2016

    First things first, Fantastical 2.2.1 is now available and is a recommended update. If you purchased Fantastical on Mac App Store you can update by opening the App Store app. If you downloaded Fantastical directly from our website you can update by selecting Check for Updates from the Fantastical menu in the app.

    With that out of the way, it’s time to start digging into Fantastical 2.2 for Mac’s new features! Fantastical’s new Exchange support allows it access to more of Exchange’s functionality. This post will detail some of these features and how they work in Fantastical 2.2.

    In-app account management

    In a change from older versions of Fantastical, you now need to sign into Exchange directly in Fantastical’s Preferences instead of via Apple’s Calendar app. This is a significantly more straightforward process, but just in case you’re not familiar with adding calendar accounts in this manner please take a look at our Help Book for full details.

    Push updates

    Having calendars refresh in the background at set intervals is a necessary but less-than-ideal solution for many services. As of 2.2, any changes you make to your Exchange calendars in Fantastical will be instantly sent to the Exchange service and vice versa — no refreshing necessary! Push updates are automatically enabled if you connect to Exchange 2010 or later, or Office 365.

    Responding to invitations

    Earlier versions of Fantastical were unable to respond to invitations in the same manner that iCloud, Google Calendar and other services were. Now, you can use Fantastical allows you to respond to Exchange invitations directly in the app.

    Global Address List (GAL) lookup

    GAL contains details of every group, user and contact within an organisation. Previously, contacts had to be added to OS X’s Contacts app for them to be found by Fantastical. Fantastical 2.2 will now automatically search your organization’s GAL. This allows you to quickly find your colleagues from the invitee field without having to manage them in your Contacts app!

    Meeting room and resource scheduling lookup

    Searching for meeting rooms is now possible directly from Fantastical 2.2. When creating an event, simply type the name of the room in the location field and a list of matching rooms will be shown. You’ll see a check or a cross next to the name of the room, indicating whether that room is available at the time of your event. Finish creating the event and the room will be booked for you.

    Support for shared and delegated calendars

    Shared and delegated calendars are one of the most convenient ways to organize personal appointments with friends and family, and the corporate world practically requires them to function efficiently. With Fantastical 2.2 you can manage your shared and delegated directly in Fantastical. Open your Accounts preferences, select your Exchange account, then click Manage Delegates to add or remove delegated calendars.


    Fantastical has always allowed you to change the color of your calendars, but Exchange categories were not supported. In version 2.2, Exchange categories can now be added directly to events created in Fantastical.

    Moving Exchange events to other calendar services

    It has always been possible to move events across CalDAV accounts — such as from iCloud to Google Calendar — but Exchange events were locked to a single account. Now, events created in Exchange can be freely moved between services without issue, affording you a greater deal of flexibility when managing your events. Right-click an event and choose whichever calendar you’d like your Exchange event to be assigned to.

    We hope our Exchange customers find that these new features greatly enhance Fantastical! As always, please feel free to send us a message and leave us your feedback. Oh, and if you’re a Google Apps user and are feeling a little envious of these new Exchange-based features, stay tuned. We have a few surprises for you in our next post!

  7. Fantastical 2.2 for Mac (aka the massively big, massively awesome update!) March 30, 2016

    One year ago we released Fantastical 2 for Mac. During the past year, Fantastical 2 won the coveted Apple Design Award and Apple called Fantastical 2 “…a meticulously designed, full-featured calendaring app…”

    Today, we’re celebrating Fantastical 2’s birthday by shipping the biggest update in Flexibits history. Version 2.2 is here and it’s a massive (and free!) update that we think you’re going to love.

    The headlining new feature in version 2.2 is native Exchange support. Previously, Fantastical’s Exchange implementation was dependent upon Apple’s built-in calendar support. While this allowed Exchange accounts to work with Fantastical, there were a number of features it couldn’t support. With our own Exchange implementation, these limitations are no more. Here are some of the Exchange features that Fantastical now supports:

    – Responding to invitations
    – Invitee availability lookup
    – Meeting room and resource scheduling and lookup
    – Categories
    – Global Address List lookup
    – Support for shared and delegated calendars
    – Moving events from other calendar services to your Exchange calendars and vice versa
    – Push updates (for Exchange Server 2013 and Office 365)

    Also new in version 2.2 is our spiffy invitee availability view. When using a compatible service — such as Google or Exchange — you’ll be able to see your invitees’ availability and let Fantastical instantly schedule a meeting for when you’re all free, saving you the time of coordinating with multiple people. (iCloud does not support availability.)

    Believe it or not, our next feature is actually one of our most requested: printing. Fantastical now offers the ability to print your calendars and reminder lists in a variety of different views and with multiple, detailed configuration options. We know a lot of you have been asking for this for quite a while now, but we wanted to make sure we got this right.

    Finally, here’s the crazy long list of other additions and improvements in version 2.2:

    – iCloud shared calendar notifications
    – Invitee response notifications when someone accepts or declines your invitation
    – Google Hangout links are now shown with Google Apps accounts
    – Push for Google accounts shows changes immediately
    – Receive suggestions from Google Contacts when adding invitees
    – Location suggestions now appear as you type in sentences for new events
    – Multiple selection (move and delete multiple items at once)
    – Drag and drop the preview to reschedule events and reminders as you’re creating them
    – Second time line with custom time zone for day and week views (Thanks, Hamid!)
    – Added preference to start month view on the current week
    – Selected date is now highlighted in week and month views
    – Improved year view makes it easier to see very busy days
    – Faster search when using calendars with large numbers of recurring events
    – Importing events from .ics files will now add default alerts to the imported events
    – Set the refresh rate of individual subscribed calendars
    – Incorrect password errors are no longer persistent
    – Use Apple Mail or Airmail to send event invitations and responses when using a CalDAV server that doesn’t support server-side invitations
    – Mail events using Airmail when it is set as your default email reader
    – General performance improvements and fixes throughout the app

    A massive update, indeed.

    In the coming weeks we’ll have additional posts that will go into greater detail about version 2.2’s new features — so stay tuned.

  8. Fantastical 1 for Mac’s swan song December 30, 2015

    Even though we stopped selling Fantastical 1 for Mac when we launched Fantastical 2 for Mac back in March, support has continued for existing users. We have been tracking the top issues and today we’re happy to announce Fantastical 1.3.19 for Mac.

    This will be the final update for Fantastical 1 and support for Fantastical 1 for Mac has now ended. After more than four years of free updates and support, it’s time to focus our efforts, energy, and resources on Fantastical 2.

    Fantastical 1 will continue to work and will not expire. But we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Fantastical 2 for Mac. It has many new features and a brand new design that we think you’re going to love. And, as you’ve come to expect from us, we have a lot more planned for the future.

    If you want to update to Fantastical 1.3.19 for Mac and bought directly from us, open Preferences > Update and click “Check for Update…”.

    If you bought via the Mac App Store, quit Fantastical, move it to the Trash, then empty the Trash. Next, click this link to open the Purchases tab: macappstore://showPurchasesPage?scan=true. Click the Install button next to Fantastical in the Purchases tab and it will install Fantastical 1.3.19.

    Something else important: Fantastical 2 for Mac is currently 20% off as a way to give Fantastical 1 users a discount. Because the Mac App Store does not allow upgrades, this was our way of offering a discount to Fantastical 1 users. We’ve extended the launch sale a few times, but all good things must come to an end. The Fantastical 2 for Mac launch sale will end on January 10 and the price will increase to US$49.99.

    As always, thank you for your support of Flexibits. We hope you continue to enjoy our apps as much as we enjoy making them!

  9. Fantastical 2.5 for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch are here! October 7, 2015

    Remember that blog post we wrote 2 weeks ago? Well, you can ignore it because all of the updates are now available! 🙂

    Fantastical 2.5 for iPad and Fantastical 2.5 for iPhone (and Apple Watch) are both here and include many new features plus full support for iOS 9 and watchOS 2.

    And don’t forget about our other update, Fantastical 2.1 for Mac, which adds new features and provides full support for OS X El Capitan.

    We hope you enjoy the updates!

  10. Fantastical 2 for OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, and watchOS 2 Updates September 23, 2015

    Let’s get right to it. We just shipped our first major update for Fantastical 2 for Mac, version 2.1. This significant update provides full support for OS X El Capitan and also adds your most requested features and fixes. We’re really proud of this update and hope you will enjoy it.

    Moving onto iOS 9 and watchOS 2. We’ve been hearing from a lot of you and we can tell you’re excited about what’s coming for iOS 9 and watchOS 2. We are too! We’re still working on the updates, but we want to give some sort of status update so you won’t go too mad while waiting!

    Fantastical 2.5 for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are receiving their final changes and bug fixes. We’re almost there and we hope to have everything sent to Apple within the next week. Of course we’re talking about software, so this could slip based on what we’re able to accomplish in the next few days. But rest assured that they’re coming very soon.

    We’re most excited about our 2.5 update for iPad update which brings support for iOS 9’s iPad multitasking, including Slide Over and Split View. It was a lot of work to implement, but we’re excited about the future of iPad productivity and 2.5 will make it even easier for you to be productive.

    …and last but not least, for those of you who have been asking: Yes! Fantastical 2.5 for iPhone will include Complications for Apple Watch!

    So, that’s it for now. Thanks so much for supporting Flexibits: your support enables us to make what we love, so we hope you love what we make. 🙂