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Apple Vision Pro
See your contacts in a new dimension!

Keep in touch like never before. Make phone calls, send messages, view relationships, and do more in a spacial environment. Contact management has never been so futuristic!

Apple Vision Pro

Cardhop’s Vision Reimagined
for Apple Vision Pro

With Cardhop and Apple Vision Pro, your contacts float in the space around you. Embrace the vision of spatial contact management with a user interface designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro.

Screenshot of Cardhop for Apple Vision Pro

Perform Actions
Search. Edit. Interact.

Thanks to Cardhop's natural language parsing, working with your contacts has never been easier. Type what you want and Cardhop will figure it out!

Search Contacts
Names. Details.

Instantly find who you're looking for by typing a contact's name or details.

Add or Edit Contacts
Using Natural Language.

Add new contacts or edit existing contacts with unparalleled ease and simplicity. Just enter the name of the contact along with the new details and Cardhop will do the rest.

Interact With Contacts

Call, Message, FaceTime, and more.

Interacting with contacts used to require multiple steps to accomplish what you want. After using Cardhop, you'll wonder how you ever managed before.

Light & Dark

Beautiful dark and light themes on all devices.

Cardhop can change themes automatically with your device's system settings. Or you can choose exactly how Cardhop will appear regardless of the system setting.

Cardhop Widgets

Multiple widgets mix-and-match your favorite contacts and actions directly on your home screen.

Customize multiple contacts and actions to your exact liking. Interacting with your contacts has never been this easy... or fast!


Use Shortcuts to quickly interact with your contacts. Or ask Siri to do it for you.

Cardhop has full support for the Shortcuts app, allowing you to set up simple or complex shortcuts and automations. Just say the word and Siri will run a shortcut for you.

Right Here. Right Now.
Focus on what matters.

With Cardhop’s Focus Filtering you just see the contacts that currently matter. Browse and act on your business contacts when you arrive at the office, and see your friends and family members when you drive back home. (iOS 16 / Ventura or later)

Create Meetings
in Fantastical

Schedule meetings with a contact or group with a single tap. Creating event invites has never been easier.

Perform other group actions.

Save time with group actions: invite multiple people to a meeting, quickly email to your entire team, or message to your family in one simple action.


See a visual overview of your contacts' relationships in an elegant chart. Quickly understanding connections in a company or family has never been easier.

My Card

Easily share your card with others.

Cardhop makes it easy to share select info of your own contact card with others. Simply rotate your iPhone and share your card either via default sharing options or simply by scanning the provided QR code.

Business Card

Use your iPhone or iPad camera to quickly scan a business card or printed address from a document. Cardhop will parse the printed information and instantly convert it into a new contact.

Remember Contact Details
With Notes

Cardhop's notes section lets you jot down miscellaneous details about a contact. Use this section to keep track of important details, and use the timestamp button to log a history of your updates or interactions.

Wi-Fi and Cellular
Bluetooth Calling

Make calls from Cardhop using macOS Continuity and Wi-Fi Calling, or your phone's Bluetooth connection. Enter a name or number and place your call directly from Cardhop.

Your Contacts
None of Our Business

Your contacts are stored on your device and are not sent anywhere else. Your account’s password is stored securely on your device using the Keychain.

Privacy at Flexibits

Birthdays + Anniversaries

Never forget about those special days anymore. Cardhop reminds you about upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, and helps you to connect instantly.

Family Sharing
With Up To 5 Family Members

Purchase a Flexibits Premium Family subscription and up to five family members can use Flexibits Premium’s full feature set at a reduced cost. This includes both Cardhop and Fantastical for all your devices.

Get Started
Hello! in multiple languages

Cardhop Speaks
Your Language

Cardhop is fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese. Just enter your contact details using natural language and Cardhop will automatically understand.