Analytics at Flexibits

We want to be transparent about the data we collect and how we use it. This page outlines how analytics work, what's sent by analytics, and how you can enable or disable collection.

Why does Flexibits collect analytics and how are analytics used?

Flexibits collects analytics to understand how our apps and services are being used so we can continuously make improvements based on real-world usage.

Analytics do not contain any personally identifying data, and are only used by Flexibits internally to help improve our products. No data collected or stored by Flexibits is ever shared with or sold to third parties. Read about privacy at Flexibits.

Is analytics collection required to use the app?

Analytics collection is opt-in and not required to use the app. You can manage collection by opening Fantastical's settings, selecting your Flexibits account, and selecting Manage Analytics. If you disable analytics it will also delete all analytics previously submitted by all of your devices.

How often are analytics sent?

Fantastical sends analytics approximately every 24 to 48 hours.

What is collected?

This is an example of the raw analytics data that is sent by Fantastical:

{ "device" : { "accounts" : { "caldav" : true, "google" : true, "icloud" : true, "msgraph" : true, "office365" : true, "todoist" : true, "zoom" : true }, "calendar" : true, "contacts" : true, "eventkit_events" : true, "eventkit_reminders" : true, "full_parity" : true, "location" : true, "reminders" : true, "run_in_background" : true }, "usage" : [ { "basic" : 13, "breadth" : 5, "calendar_sets" : 2, "created_with_parser" : 1, "created_without_parser" : 3, "date" : "2023-06-05T00:00:00Z", "item_templates" : 0, "join" : 4, "premium" : 1, "task" : 2 } ] }

These analytics are used in aggregate to understand how users are setting up Fantastical and how different features are used.

How can I view the analytics data that is being sent?

Analytics data on your own device can be viewed in the Manage Analytics section of the Flexibits account within Fantastical.