Welcome to our first post about the new features added in Cardhop 1.1!

Today we’ll cover printing lists of contacts, envelopes, and mailing labels. This is useful to anyone who wants to have a physical copy of their contacts, as well as anyone who needs to send traditional mail.

Opening print

Open Cardhop and select File > Print All Contacts, or press command-P, to see a preview of your entire contact list.

Alternatively, you can select a single contact and then select File > Print to only print that contact. You can also print multiple contacts by holding down the shift key, choosing the contacts you want to include in the printout, and then selecting File > Print Selected Contacts.

When you see the print preview, click Show Details to further customize your printout.

Customizing your printout

At the top of the preview window you can select your printer using the Printer option. The Presets option below allows you to load or save specific printout options — very useful if you print frequently. Underneath the standard Copies and Pages settings you’ll see a popup menu with Cardhop as the default. The other options in this list allow you to change the standard macOS printing options, but we’ll be focusing on the Cardhop section here.

The Style setting lets you choose how you’d like to print your contacts. Whether you want a detailed list of contacts, envelopes or labels, Cardhop has you covered! Let’s take a closer look at each of these three different styles.


The list style prints your contacts as a continuous list. Use the checkboxes to select which details you want to include. You can include as little or as much as you want, so you can easily produce anything from a quick list of your contacts’ names to an extensive physical reference of every detail about your contacts.


Use Cardhop to quickly print envelopes with your contact addresses automatically added — in other words, sending holiday or announcement cards will never be a chore again!

Cardhop includes all the options that you need to customize your envelopes, such as choosing the envelope size, whether or not to include a return address, and whether to create envelopes for your contacts’ home or work address (or both). You can also choose to address your contacts by their name, company, or both.

For a personal touch, you can add a picture to the envelope with the Image option.


If you need to stick your contacts to invitations, parcels, the kitchen fridge, or any other surface you can imagine, then labels are for you.

Like with envelopes, you can customize the appearance of your labels, including a personalized picture. Cardhop also allows you to print labels with or without an address. If you need name tags for your next party or company gathering then Cardhop can handle that too!

We hope this post helped give you a few ideas about how you can use the new printing options. If you’re looking for more, Cardhop’s Help Book provides more detail about every option available and our video walkthrough will show you printing in action.

Check back next week to learn more about other new features in Cardhop 1.1. See you then!