Michael looks on as Kent’s mind is blown 🤯

We recently had the exciting opportunity to visit the Apple Vision Pro labs in Cupertino, and let us tell you — the future is here, and yes, it is really cool.

Some developers who visit the labs are building tools specifically for spatial computing, but for our part, we were lucky enough to see Fantastical working on visionOS right out of the box. Of course, as we began to imagine what a delightful productivity experience in three dimensions could look like, the opportunities for new and innovative design choices felt limitless.

“Experiencing spatial computing helped us start thinking not just about left to right or up and down, but beyond borders at all,” says Michael Simmons, our CEO.

“Can people look at a whole week spatially? Can people compare their current day to the following week? What if you have the whole week wrap around you in 360 degrees? I could probably — not kidding — talk for two hours about this.”

We’ll save the two-hour convo for another time, but as you can tell, our wheels are spinning! What about you — any features you’d like to see us to create for visionOS? Let us know! We’d love to bring your vision to life. 😎

Read more about Michael and Kent’s visit to the Apple Vision Pro labs here.