Today’s post is for all the productivity people out there โ€” and we know you’re out there, because we know that Fantastical is one of the best tools for keeping your schedule and your life organized. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today’s post is also for all the Apple Watch people out there โ€” and we know you’re out there, because our Support team has been chatting with a lot of you about how to get the most out of Fantastical on your Apple Watch. Whether you’ve never configured a single complication or you’re a champion of customization, we’re sure you’ll find something new to try in this post.

So, what kind of Fantastical setup is best for you on the Apple Watch? Start by picking your favorite of these four productivity methods:

  • Time Blocking
  • Eat the Frog
  • Biological Prime Time
  • Medium Method

Then look below to see the configuration we recommend!

If you like Time Blocking…

What is Time Blocking? Proactively scheduling your day into specific blocks where you focus on one thing at a time.

What this productivity method says about you: Some of the most important aspects of your job involve deep work, but you’re a busy person. You abhor interruptions, distractions, and context-switching. You’re likely a visual thinker who likes clean (possibly colorful) aesthetics.

How your should set up your Apple Watch: We recommend filling your watch face with complications that are all geared towards helping you maintain your focus, while your Smart Stack gives you an aesthetically pleasing glance at the day.

  • Use the Today’s Date complication, especially if you’re a day-theming time-blocker.
  • Include the Up Next complication to help you stay on top of the exact task you’re meant to focus on in each time block.
  • Having the Up Next Timeline widget in your Smart Stack will help you get a quick glance at the other time blocks you have coming up as well.

Shown below is a watch with that configuration, along with mindfulness and music complications to help keep you focused. All this on the lovely Palette face โ€”ย a clean, colorful aesthetic that will match your time-blocked calendar nicely.

Watch face with Today’s Date, Mindfulness, Music, and Up Next complications (Palette)
Smart Stack with Up Next Timeline widget (Palette)

If you like to Eat the Frog…

What is Eat the Frog? No one likes to eat the frog, and that’s the point. This productivity method is all about doing the hardest thing(s) first.

What this productivity method says about you: You’re prone to procrastination, and you tend to feel distracted by your own tendency to procrastinate. You benefit from having a firm yet helpful hand to make sure you actually get the boring things on your To-Do list done.

How your should set up your Apple Watch: It’s important that your watch face helps direct you to the things you need to get done and nothing else. Avoid clutter โ€” save that for the Smart Stack.

  • Use the Today’s Remaining Tasks complication to keep yourself focused on the remaining To-Do list items of the day โ€” and no other complications. That way, a look at your watch simply tells you what time it is and how much there’s left to do.
  • Swipe to the Smart Stack for the Today’s Date widget and Up Next widget that will help you put the frogs you still have to eat in the context of the rest of your day and week.

Below, we have a watch with just these features displayed on the Solar Analog watch face. Bonus: the Solar Analog face changes with the position of the sun โ€” another subtle nudge to remind you that time is passing! And it’s green. Like a frog. And “Solar Analog” rhymes with frog. The perks are truly endless.

Watch face with Today’s Remaining Tasks complication (Solar Analog)
Smart Stack with Today’s Date and Up Next widgets (Solar Analog)

If you like to track your Biological Prime Time…

What is Biological Prime Time? Tracking data about how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day, then setting up your schedule to adhere to your body’s natural tendencies.

What this productivity method says about you: You love data, charts, and graphs. You’re in tune with your body and you often adjust your schedule and prioritize tasks based on fitness, health, and physical well-being.

How you should set up your Apple Watch: We say fill your watch face up with complications. The more tracking, the better!

  • The Launch Fantastical complication can help you quickly open up your calendar and take notes on how much energy you had during different events throughout your day โ€”ย another tool to help with your tracking.
  • Include the Today’s Remaining Events complication so you can quickly gauge how much more energy you need through the day.
  • Use the Up Next complication to see how much time you have before you need to muster up energy for your next event.

Here’s what that configuration looks like, plus a fitness tracker and compass, on the Modular watch face. With all these complications, you don’t even really need a Smart Stack.

Watch face with Fitness, Compass, Launch Fantastical, Today’s Remaining Events, and Up Next complications (Modular)

If you like the Medium Method…

What is the Medium Method? Using the perfect blend of digital and analog to track tasks, set priorities, and optimize your schedule.

What this productivity method says about you: You don’t care what anyone says โ€” a pen and paper is still the best way to take notes. You’re not a luddite, but to you, sitting down with a notepad and some post-its is the best way to get things done and prepare for a busy week.

How your should set up your Apple Watch: Lean into your analog proclivities, both stylistically and functionally, while still getting all the benefits of wearing such a smart watch.

  • Throw the Today’s Date complication up on the watch face to complement the analog clock.
  • The Today’s Remaining Tasks + Events complication will give you a quick look at the goals and priorities you set for this day without bogging you down.
  • Put the Launch Fantastical widget in your Smart Stack so you can get deeper into calendaring when it’s time to wind down and set your priorities for the following day.

Here’s what this configuration looks like on the charmingly old-fashioned Meridian watch face.

Watch face with Today’s Date and Today’s Remaining Tasks + Events complications (Meridian)
Smart Stack with Launch Fantastical widget (Meridian)

Now get customizing!

Remember: you can set up the complications and widgets shown above on the Apple Watch itself, but there’s plenty more you can customize from your iPhone by going to Fantastical > Settings > Apple Watch.

If you have a favorite Apple Watch setup with Fantastical, we’d love to hear about it!