Performing Actions

Video: Interactions

Video: Free Form Interactions

Cardhop has a variety of actions you can perform on your contacts simply by typing an action and the contact's name.

The specific actions and examples of text that you can use to trigger actions are as follows:


"dial Wendy", "call Wendy", "phone Wendy"

Call a contact using your phone. Uses your iPhone through Continuity or Wi-Fi Calling, or a phone paired with your Mac with Bluetooth. You can choose whether you use Continuity and Wi-Fi Calling or Bluetooth in Cardhop's Preferences.


"copy Jen"

Copy a contact’s information. You can copy a specific properties by typing something like “copy Jen address” or “copy Jen work email”.


"email Rob", "mail Rob"

Compose an email to a contact or group.


"facetime Anne", "ft Anne"

Start a FaceTime video call with a contact.

You can also start a FaceTime audio call by using the following syntax:

"facetimeaudio Jon", "audio Jon", "facetime audio Jon", "fta Jon"


"imessage James", "message James", "text James", "txt James", "im James", "ping James"

Start an iMessage or a text message with a contact.


"website Jill", "webpage Jill", "url Jill", "web Jill"

Open the URL associated with a contact.


"map Helen", "maps Helen", "direction Helen", "directions Helen", "route Helen"

Show a map of a contact’s address. You can choose to open maps in Apple Maps or Google Maps in Cardhop’s preferences.

Large type

"large Sam", "banner Sam", "show Sam", "big Sam", "large type Sam"

Show information about a contact in large type so you can read it from far away. You can show phone numbers and addresses in large type.


“print Annette”, “print family” (a group of contacts)

Print one or more contacts in a variety of formats: List, Envelopes, and Labels. You can also use File > Print with any contact or group selected.


"skype Alexia"

Start a Skype call with a contact.

Skype for Business

"skypefb John", "skypeb John", "sfb John"

Start a Skype for Business call with a contact.


"telegram Jerry", "tg Jerry"

Send a Telegram message to a contact.


"tweet Pamela", "twitter Pamela"

Send a tweet to a contact.


"whatsapp Joe", "wa Joe", "whats Joe"

Send a message to a contact with WhatsApp.