Managing Contacts

Once you've located a contact, you can manage the contact card in the following ways:

Adding contacts

Just type the name of a new contact and hit return to add it. You can choose which account to add the contact to, or edit additional details by using your cursor before hitting return.

Editing contacts

Simply move your cursor over any of the fields in the contact details and click to start editing them.

You can also change the name of the field in this manner.

If you start typing in the Related Contacts field, other contacts will be suggested.

If you have the same contact name on different accounts Cardhop will merge the data from both accounts and display it as a single card. Click the relevant account icon underneath the contact name to only show data saved to that particular account.

At the bottom of the contact card is a notes section, allowing you to add any further detail about this contact that you feel is important.

Add notes with timestamps

When you add notes to a contact, you can easily add a timestamp with the button at the bottom of the Notes field. It’s a powerful way to keep a log of contact interactions and other information that doesn’t fit in contact fields.