How to pre-fill an invitee’s contact details by sending a customized Opening/Proposal link

If you send your Opening/Proposal link to a specific person and want their details (name, email or phone number) or a brief message to be added to the form automatically, then you can customise the Openings/Proposal URL to do this.

Here are some parameters and example URL-encoded query strings you can use to customise your URL:

name: name=John%20Appleseed (John Appleseed)

email: ([email protected])

phone: phone=%2B1%20151%2080467825 (+1 15180467825) Please note: This option is only available on an Openings URL.

message: message=hello%0A%0Aworld (hello world)

For example, assuming your regular Openings link is, you could append the URL-encoded string ?name=John%20Appleseed& to customize the link for John Appleseed, so he wouldn't have to add his contact information after choosing a time. You can use as many or as few parameters as you like.

To ensure that your clients see the booking page in a specific language, append the lang parameter. This parameter can be set to any of the following supported languages: en, de, es, fr, it, ja.

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