Cardhop for Mac Release Notes

  1. Cardhop 1.3.2 August 14, 2019

    • File size of exported vCards with images are now smaller
    • Fixed some potential crashes
    • Various fixes and improvements
  2. Cardhop 1.3.1 July 11, 2019

    • Added paper orientation options when printing envelopes and lists
    • Added GitHub to list of social networks
    • Fixed a crash when looking up contacts on Gravatar
    • Various fixes and improvements
  3. Cardhop 1.3 June 18, 2019

    • Preference to show nicknames in contact lists
    • Support for sending messages to groups with the parser (e.g. message /friends Hey guys)
    • New templates when adding new smart groups to make it easier to quickly add new smart groups
    • Various fixes and improvements
  4. Cardhop 1.2.5 May 21, 2019

    • Fixed an issue connecting to some Exchange 2013 directories
    • Hid company checkbox on Exchange because Exchange doesn't support company-only contacts
    • Various fixes and improvements
  5. Cardhop 1.2.4 May 10, 2019

    • Fixed a potential crash with some Chinese names
    • Various fixes and improvements
  6. Cardhop 1.2.3 May 1, 2019

    • Ages are now shown next to birthdays in the list
    • Can now drag contacts from directories to accounts or groups to make a copy of the directory contact
    • Pasting emails containing mailto: links will automatically remove the mailto: prefix
    • Various fixes and improvements
  7. Cardhop 1.2.2 April 11, 2019

    • WhatsApp action now opens the WhatsApp app if it is installed
    • Better sorting of options in Add Field menu
    • Better handling of sorting contacts with accents and non-Latin characters
    • Various fixes and improvements
  8. Cardhop 1.2.1 March 30, 2019

    • Fixed an issue with Exchange and Office 365 directory contacts not showing phone numbers or emails
    • G Suite directory contacts will now show additional information and photos
    • Improved matching of contacts with accents when searching
    • Fixed a crash on macOS 10.11 and 10.12
  9. Cardhop 1.2 March 27, 2019

    • Directories: Add Google, Exchange, and Office 365 directories to look up users on Google Contacts, G Suite, and Exchange Global Address List
    • Favorites! Mark commonly used contacts as favorites. Favorites sync between all devices, including with Cardhop for iOS
    • Added Copy Contact URL option to copy a URL which will show a contact in Cardhop from another app
    • Fixed a potential crash when using smart groups on macOS Mojave
    • Improved matching of contacts that have an email address but no first or last name
    • Various fixes and improvements
  10. Cardhop 1.1.6 October 25, 2018

    • Fixed a potential crash when using smart groups on macOS Mojave
    • Improved matching of contacts that have an email address but no first or last name
    • Various fixes and improvements
  11. Cardhop 1.1.5 September 25, 2018

    • Support for Dark Mode on macOS Mojave
    • Improved handling of names entered as Last, First (such as Smith, Alice)
    • Various fixes and improvements
  12. Cardhop 1.1.4 August 7, 2018

    • Fixed a crash on macOS El Capitan
    • Various fixes and improvements
  13. Cardhop 1.1.3 August 3, 2018

    • Added Instagram as a social profile type
    • Added an option to skip already used labels when printing a sheet of labels
    • Pressing return when a contact is selected will now begin editing the contact
    • Dragging and dropping a contact into another app will now drop the contact name and a link to the contact
    • Selecting a contact picture from a file will now show options to crop the picture
    • Fixed an issue when using Skype to call phone numbers without a country code
    • Various fixes and improvements
  14. Cardhop 1.1.2 May 8, 2018

    • Fixed an issue where adding contacts didn't work for some people
    • Fixed an issue where creating a contact with emoji didn't work
    • Fixed some DYMO labels printing with the wrong orientation
    • Various fixes and improvements
  15. Cardhop 1.1.1 May 5, 2018

    • Added a smart group option to match contacts that are a company or a person
    • Template preferences now apply to new contacts created by Cardhop's parser
    • Fixed smart group criteria for "is set" and "is not set" not working in some cases
    • Fixed an issue where Cardhop could hang at launch in certain situations
    • Various fixes and improvements
  16. Cardhop 1.1 May 2, 2018

    • Full support for French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, and Japanese (including parsing and address/phone formats)
    • Smart groups: Create dynamic smart groups that automatically update based on specific search criteria
    • Template preferences to customize fields and labels for new contacts
    • Printing support: Print customized envelopes, labels, and lists of contacts
    • Quick Action for printing: Type “print” or use a Quick Action button to quickly print a contact or group
    • “Add Notes with Timestamp” option to quickly insert the current date and time into the notes of a contact
    • Typing into a related name field now suggests other names in your contacts
    • Various fixes and improvements
  17. Cardhop 1.0.7 February 27, 2018

    • Various fixes and improvements
  18. Cardhop 1.0.6 January 23, 2018

    • Improved parsing of phone numbers with extensions
    • Fixed a crash when opening preferences on macOS El Capitan
    • Various fixes and improvements
  19. Cardhop 1.0.5 December 19, 2017

    • Added option to set the default country calling code for phone numbers
    • Improved parsing of email signatures that include images
    • Fixed an issue where birthdays wouldn't appear at the end of the year
    • Various fixes and improvements
  20. Cardhop 1.0.4 December 12, 2017

    • Fixed a crash when encountering some types of contact data
  21. Cardhop 1.0.3 December 10, 2017

    • Fixed an issue where the default account setting wasn't saved
    • Fixed some contact parsing issues
    • Fixed an issue where the end of very long notes could get hidden
    • Fixed an issue where deleted info from a contact could return if changes were detected in Contacts
    • Improved compatibility with Skype 8 when dialing phone numbers
    • Various fixes and improvements
  22. Cardhop 1.0.2 November 8, 2017

    • Improved editing of linked contacts that are on multiple accounts
    • Added AppleScript support for sending text to Cardhop
    • Added Skype for Business action
    • Fixed first and last name order when viewing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean contacts
    • Various fixes and improvements
  23. Cardhop 1.0.1 October 21, 2017

    • Skype action now allows calling phone numbers through Skype
    • Increased maximum allowed width of groups sidebar
    • Fixed some crashes when encountering invalid contact data
    • Fixed a crash when using Share My Card
    • Various fixes and improvements
  24. Cardhop 1.0 October 18, 2017

    • Initial release
Cardhop for Mac