Fantastical for iOS and iPadOS Release Notes

  1. Fantastical 3.1.4 July 31, 2020

    • Added option to hide all instances of a repeating event
    • Added option to Zoom accounts to insert Zoom meeting URLs in the location
    • Minor performance improvements in Day and Week views
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the today widget to show Unable to Load
    • Fixed some Siri Shortcuts not working
    • Fixed an issue where invitations from Exchange servers could appear as free instead of busy
    • Fixed Show Contact not working from birthdays and anniversaries
    • Fixed an issue where Todoist tasks wouldn't sync if changes were made while offline
    • Fixed a case where Exchange sync could hang if there are hundreds of thousands of emails in the inbox
    • Fixed a case where Exchange invitations wouldn't be matched correctly if the Exchange account is using an email alias
    • Various fixes and improvements
  2. Fantastical 3.1.3 July 23, 2020

    • Hidden read-only events will now sync across devices
    • New option to manage hidden items in the calendar sets menu
    • Anniversary events are now shown more nicely with quick options to message, call, or email the contact
    • Added support for showing contact images from Gravatar when viewing invitees
    • Exchange events with Tentative and Out of Office availability can now be saved as templates
    • Creating a template from an event will no longer save Zoom or Google Meet meeting info in the template
    • Improvements to conference call detection
    • Duplicate alarms for the same event on multiple calendars are no longer shown as separate notifications
    • Improvements when handling unexpected event data on CalDAV and Exchange
    • Fixed moving an event across calendars while also making changes to the event details not saving the changes
    • Fixed an issue where creating a recurring event with an end date on Exchange would sometimes end the recurrence one day early
    • Fixed an issue where Exchange categories would not appear if the Exchange server sent invalid category settings
    • Fixed Zoom meeting info not being included in the notes in some situations
    • Various fixes and improvements
  3. Fantastical 3.1.1 June 26, 2020

    • Added support for BigBlueButton, Chime, Highfive, Lifesize, VooV, Whereby, and ZoomGov conference calls
    • Improved detection for certain types of Zoom, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans links
    • Conference calls are now detected inside Microsoft ATP safe links
    • Better handling when moving an item with attachments across accounts
    • Added Join button to Day and Week view when an event with a conference call is coming up soon
    • Various fixes and improvements
  4. Fantastical 3.1 June 16, 2020

    • Added option to have calendar sets activate at a specific time: Have your Work calendar set activate in the morning and your Home calendar set activate in the evening!
    • Added conference call link detection for Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, RingCentral Meetings, BlueJeans, and Skype for Business
    • Upcoming events with a conference call will show a Join button in the list, Day, and Week view
    • Events with a conference call now show a badge in the list
    • Updated iMessage stickers and added some fun new stickers!
    • Creating a Zoom meeting now respects the Personal Meeting ID default setting for Zoom accounts
    • Performance improvements in some situations if Reminders isn’t behaving properly on your device
    • Upcoming canceled events in the Apple Watch complication are no longer shown
    • Canceled events are now shown with strikethrough on the Apple Watch app
    • Added option to Apple Watch settings to allow prioritizing overdue tasks over upcoming items
    • Added DuckDuckGo as a default browser option
    • Fixed moving an invitation from one calendar to another on the same Google account
    • Fixed an issue toggling all-day on a task from Reminders
    • Fixed an issue creating Zoom meetings if certain password restrictions are set on the Zoom account
    • Fixed an issue creating Zoom PMI meetings using the PMI password that was set on the Zoom account
    • Fixed an issue where due dates on Google Tasks could be off by a day
    • Fixed an issue where combining events wouldn’t combine them based on the order of accounts
    • Fixed duplicating all-day events not creating an all-day task
    • Fixed an issue where snoozing a task could cause the due date to change
    • Fixed tasks assigned to yourself in Todoist getting hidden incorrectly
    • Fixed not being able to hide single instances of read-only recurring events
    • Fixed not being able to add a Google Meet call to a single instance of a recurring event
    • Fixed an issue where editing a recurring Google Calendar event could cause it to lose its custom color
    • Fixed an issue where swiping to delete or choose options for an event in the list could cause the swipe actions to disappear randomly
    • Fixed an issue where the Today widget would show Unable to Load or respond slowly in some situations
    • Fixed an issue creating custom yearly recurring events
    • Fixed an issue where all-day events wouldn’t receive default alerts when tapping and holding to create an event in month view
    • Fixed an issue where weather icons wouldn’t appear in month view on some iPhone screen sizes
    • Various fixes and improvements
  5. Fantastical 3.0.13 May 5, 2020

    • Minor performance improvements in some situations
    • Improved handling of overdue tasks on Apple Watch
    • Day of the week is now shown in the list on 38mm Apple Watch
    • Fixed weather location not updating automatically on Apple Watch app in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where snoozing events from notifications might not work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where task due dates could appear incorrectly when the system calendar is set to Japanese
    • Fixed an issue where recurring event invitations could show too many copies in the notifications section
    • Various fixes and improvements
  6. Fantastical 3.0.12 April 25, 2020

    • Can now create all-day tasks for Reminders, CalDAV, and Exchange!
    • Added a setting to choose what time notifications for all-day tasks appear
    • Zoom meetings now automatically have a password set for the meeting to increase meeting security
    • Can now mark invitees as optional by editing invitees, swiping on an invitee, and tapping Make Optional
    • Improved URL detection in Todoist tasks
    • The Upcoming Item shortcut now returns the color of the calendar, notes, and URL of the item so that the information can be passed in to other shortcuts
    • Improved quickly swiping between days when the list is set to show only one or two days at a time
    • Fixed a potential crash on app launch
    • Fixed an issue where notifications for recurring events might not appear
    • Fixed an issue where the UI could jump to the wrong date in certain situations on iPad
    • Fixed an issue where adding a task from the share sheet in another app could cause the task to not sync to other devices
    • Various fixes and improvements
  7. Fantastical 3.0.11 April 20, 2020

    • Added a new Apple Watch complication style to show additional event details on the Infograph Modular watch face
    • Apple Watch complication updates more quickly
    • More events and tasks are now shown in the Apple Watch app
    • Adding an event from the Apple Watch app will now add default alerts to the event
    • Todoist tasks with URLs in the title will now show the URL separately
    • Added an option to hide Todoist tasks that are assigned to other people
    • Can now add accounts for servers that have untrusted SSL certificates
    • Fixed an issue where some notifications would not appear when Fantastical was in the background
    • Fixed an issue where the Apple Watch app could stop syncing temporarily
    • Fixed an issue moving events with Zoom meetings that had long notes
    • Fixed an issue syncing all-day tasks on Exchange
    • Fixed an issue where Office 365 accounts could unnecessarily prompt for reauthorization
    • Fixed a potential crash when rescheduling certain repeating events
    • Various fixes and improvements
  8. Fantastical 3.0.10 April 2, 2020

    • Fixed a crash when managing some account settings
  9. Fantastical 3.0.9 April 1, 2020

    • Cursor support on iPadOS 13.4
    • A preview of surrounding events and tasks is now shown when viewing incoming invitations
    • Weather is now shown on days that have no events when showing one or two days at a time in the list
    • Day and Week view can now show more hours at once
    • Tightened spacing in Month view to make more text visible
    • Event and task notifications now appear when Fantastical is active
    • Tapping date headers in the list of events in the watch app now shows the weather forecast
    • Improved sync responsiveness between iPhone and Apple Watch
    • Fixed an issue where the Apple Watch could get stuck syncing and would stop updating
    • Fixed an issue where Office 365 accounts wouldn't prompt for reauthorization if the login expires
    • Fixed an issue where the prompt to request G Suite sync access could cause some events to not be synced
    • Fixed an issue where long events could appear at the wrong time when the option to only show hours from day start to end is enabled
    • Fixed an issue where all-day tasks wouldn't appear correctly in Month view
    • Fixed a crash when trying to send changes to Todoist while offline
    • Various fixes and improvements
  10. Fantastical 3.0.8 March 13, 2020

    • Added support for Exchange public folders
    • Added option to disable weather in the Apple Watch app
    • Added option to disable Up Next in the Apple Watch app
    • Improved launch performance in some situations when Calendars from iOS is enabled
    • Fixed an issue where the Apple Watch app wouldn't sync immediately for Fantastical 2 users when uninstalling and reinstalling the app
    • Fixed an issue where changing the primary email address of the Flexibits account wouldn't be reflected in the app
    • Fixed an issue where creating Todoist tasks wouldn't save reminders
    • Fixed an issue where syncing in the background might not finish correctly
    • Fixed an issue with favorite time zones where the same time zone could appear multiple times but for different cities
    • Fixed an issue where some completed Google Tasks might not appear
    • Various fixes and improvements
  11. Fantastical 3.0.7 March 1, 2020

    • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Command-1/2/3/4 change between Day/Week/Month/Year views
    • Control-1/2/3/4/etc change the current calendar set
    • Arrow keys change the selected date
    • Up and down arrow keys move between autocomplete suggestions when using the parser
    • Hidden calendars are now marked more clearly when autocompleting calendars in the parser
    • Added Siri Shortcut to open Fantastical on a specific date
    • Added an option to send a cancelation message when deleting an Exchange invitation
    • Improved handling of failed logins to the Flexibits account when using Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google
    • Notes for Zoom conference calls update more quickly when updating Zoom options
    • Combined events are no longer double counted in the app badge count
    • Tasks appear more consistently in the watch complication
    • Improvements to syncing between iPhone and Apple Watch
    • The Only Show Day Start And End Hours now applies to both the Day and Week views
    • Fixed an issue where the Today widget would show an Unable to Load error for some people
    • Fixed an issue where Time Zone Override wasn't immediately activated at launch for some people
    • Minor performance improvements loading large numbers of events and tasks
    • Various fixes and improvements
  12. Fantastical 3.0.6 February 15, 2020

    • Fixed an issue where syncing to the watch would make the app respond slowly
    • Various fixes and improvements
  13. Fantastical 3.0.5 February 13, 2020

    • The titles of Exchange events are now more visible when checking availability
    • Fixed an issue where tasks that will be due soon did not appear in the Apple Watch
    • Fixed an issue where invitees couldn't be selected on an iPad
    • Fixed an issue where a Zoom conference invitation would be sent multiple times
    • Fixed an issue where Zoom conferences would incorrectly appear with a Google Hangouts button
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a single instance of a recurring event on Google didn't work in some situations
    • Fixed some potential crashes
    • Various fixes and improvements
  14. Fantastical 3.0.4 February 8, 2020

    • Add an option to hide tasks in the Day, Week, and Month views
    • Completed tasks will now be hidden automatically after 10 seconds
    • Fixed an issue where notifications would not appear for some users
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a single instance of a recurring event on Google didn't work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where accepting an invitation on Exchange wouldn't change the status from Tentative to Busy
    • Fixed an issue editing some geofenced tasks
    • Fixed an issue where some new accounts could get stuck waiting for email verification
    • Fixed an issue where rotating to Week view and back could cause the selected date to not be visible
    • Fixed an issue adding accounts requiring two-factor authentication on iPad
    • Fixed some potential crashes
    • Various fixes and improvements
  15. Fantastical 3.0.3 February 4, 2020

    • Attaching a Zoom meeting to an Exchange event now updates the event notes with the Zoom meeting info
    • Sharing to Fantastical from Apple Maps and OmniFocus shares data more accurately
    • Fixed responding to Meetup events
    • Fixed floating time zone events appearing incorrectly when using time zone override
    • Fixed truncated text on 38mm Apple Watch
    • Fixed weather appearing blurred on Apple Watch for Fantastical 2 users
    • Fixed some event and task cards not appearing on Siri watch face
    • Fixed not being able to delete geofence from a reminder
    • Fixed an issue saving events with locations to some Exchange calendars
    • Fixed an issue where Save For This Event Only wouldn't appear when editing some certain repeating events
    • Fixed an issue where the text input would jump to the end when editing an event or task's title
    • Various fixes and improvements
  16. Fantastical 3.0 January 29, 2020

    • Welcome to the new Fantastical!
  17. Fantastical 2.11.5 January 6, 2020

    • Fixed an issue opening locations with ampersands in Google Maps
    • Fixed an issue using Move to change the due date of reminders on iOS 13
    • Fixed an issue using TextExpander fill-ins on iOS 13
    • Various fixes and improvements
  18. Fantastical 2.11.4 November 16, 2019

    • Added support for opening maps in Magic Earth
    • Fixed an issue where completing a recurring reminder wouldn't update the list correctly on iOS 13
    • Fixed an issue where some Exchange tasks wouldn't sync correctly on iOS 13
    • Fixed a potential crash when dismissing search
    • Fixed an issue where opening Fantastical would sometimes show settings immediately
    • Various fixes and improvements
  19. Fantastical 2.11.3 October 12, 2019

    • Various fixes and improvements
  20. Fantastical 2.11.2 October 5, 2019

    • Fixes for iOS 13 dark mode
    • All-day reminders are now shown as all-day instead of due at midnight
    • Various fixes and improvements
  21. Fantastical 2.11.1 September 22, 2019

    • Various fixes and improvements
  22. Fantastical 2.11 September 19, 2019

    • Support for iOS 13
    • Dark mode
    • Input and output parameters for Siri Shortcuts
  23. Fantastical 2.10.8 August 27, 2019

    • Fixed an issue where the time zone could get lost when rescheduling reminders
    • Internal performance improvements to the parser
    • Various fixes and improvements
  24. Fantastical 2.10.7 May 22, 2019

    • Fixed a potential crash when searching locations
    • Various fixes and improvements
  25. Fantastical 2.10.6 May 8, 2019

    • Fixed an issue where choosing location suggestions in cities with overlapping addresses could pick the wrong address
    • Month names on Apple Watch complications are shown as two letters instead of three letters in some situations to avoid getting truncated
    • Various fixes and improvements
  26. Fantastical 2.10.5 February 27, 2019

    • Fixed an issue where selecting Current Location when editing an event's location would show an error
    • Improved right-to-left language support when entering notes
    • Various fixes and improvements
  27. Fantastical 2.10.4 February 16, 2019

    • Various fixes and improvements
  28. Fantastical 2.10.3 December 18, 2018

    • Added option to open maps in Transit
    • Added support for Hebrew and Islamic birthdays
    • Infograph complication now shows nothing when there are no events or reminders for the day
    • Siri Shortcut for today and tomorrow's schedule now speaks a summary and the next upcoming event or reminder
    • Various fixes and improvements
  29. Fantastical 2.10.2 October 28, 2018

    • Added Siri shortcut to create a new event or reminder with the contents of the clipboard
    • Various fixes and improvements
  30. Fantastical 2.10.1 October 8, 2018

    • Various fixes and improvements
  31. Fantastical 2.10 October 3, 2018

    • Full support for iOS 12 and watchOS 5
    • Support for Siri Shortcuts: Quickly add new events, view upcoming events and reminders, and view calendars or reminder lists with Siri Shortcuts
    • Updated interactive notifications: Snooze alerts for events and reminders directly from iOS notifications
    • Support for Infograph watch faces
    • Support for Siri watch face
    • Fantastical 2 now requires iOS 11 or later and watchOS 4 or later
    • Various fixes and improvements
  32. Fantastical 2.9.10 August 14, 2018

    • Various fixes and improvements
  33. Fantastical 2.9.9 July 14, 2018

    • Fixed some minor visual issues
    • Various fixes and improvements
  34. Fantastical 2.9.8 May 19, 2018

    • Fixed an issue where editing a location sometimes wouldn't save on iOS 11.3
    • Fixed an issue when modifying alerts for a repeating invitation
    • Fixed choosing a different event time when there are conflicts with invitees
    • Fixed an issue where the search results would not update correctly
    • Fixed Chinese birthday display in some situations
    • Various fixes and improvements
  35. Fantastical 2.9.7 April 6, 2018

    • Fixed the Today widget not working consistently on some devices
    • Fixed an issue where the watch app could crash when viewing some birthdays
    • Various fixes and improvements
  36. Fantastical 2.9.6 March 1, 2018

    • Added option to open locations in Yandex.Maps
    • Improved opening locations in Waze
    • Fixed an issue where a period (.) could appear in the title when using the numeric keyboard
    • Various fixes and improvements
  37. Fantastical 2.9.5 February 6, 2018

    • Various fixes and improvements
  38. Fantastical 2.9.4 January 26, 2018

    • Various fixes and improvements
  39. Fantastical 2.9.3 December 8, 2017

    • Improvements for iPhone X
    • Added Scribble support when adding events and reminders on Apple Watch
    • Various fixes and improvements
  40. Fantastical 2.9.2 November 1, 2017

    • Ready for iPhone X
    • Various fixes and improvements
  41. Fantastical 2.9.1 October 4, 2017

    • Fixed an issue when viewing some events with notes that were created on iOS 11
    • Various fixes and improvements
  42. Fantastical 2.9 September 25, 2017

    • Updated for iOS 11
    • Drag and drop events and reminders from the list onto the DayTicker or calendar
    • Various fixes and improvements
  43. Fantastical 2.8.7 August 29, 2017

    • Extra keyboard row appears again on smaller screens
    • Added 1 week before, 2 weeks before, and 1 month before alert options when setting alerts for timed events
    • Alerts for declined events are no longer shown
    • Various fixes and improvements
  44. Fantastical 2.8.6 July 12, 2017

    • Fixed watch app not loading on watchOS 3.1
    • Various fixes and improvements
  45. Fantastical 2.8.5 July 7, 2017

    • Various fixes and improvements
  46. Fantastical 2.8.4 May 5, 2017

    • Added option to share events using the iOS share sheet
    • Added support for Brave browser
    • Apple Watch: Added option to count down to upcoming events and reminders
    • Apple Watch: Added option to show just upcoming events or reminders due today in the small complication
    • Various fixes and improvements
  47. Fantastical 2.8.3 February 21, 2017

    • Apple Watch: Force Touch on an event with a location to get directions to the location
    • Apple Watch: Added option for small complication to show the number of remaining events or reminders today
    • Swipe left or right in the list when showing one or two days at a time to go to the next or previous day
    • Fixed an issue where the app badge wouldn't clear after the last event of the day
    • Fixed a rare crash after adding a new event or reminder
    • Various fixes and improvements
  48. Fantastical 2.8.2 February 6, 2017

    • Fixed App Icon Badge not updating automatically in some situations
    • Fixed for some notifications incorrectly disappearing after being shown
  49. Fantastical 2.8.1 February 2, 2017

    • Fixed an issue when searching
  50. Fantastical 2.8 February 1, 2017

    • Fantastical now requires iOS 10
    • Stickers! Express yourself in iMessage with Fantastical's sticker pack
    • Rich notifications allow you to quickly see more details about upcoming events and reminders
    • New haptic feedback on iPhone 7
    • Improved support for Dynamic Type
    • Improved reliability of Apple Watch app
    • Fantastical now only uses your location when the app is open, instead of always (it was never actually used always, but the privacy setting now reflects actual usage)
    • Fixed a potential crash when using a third-party keyboard
    • Various fixes and improvements
  51. Fantastical 2.7.5 October 31, 2016

    • Various fixes and improvements
  52. Fantastical 2.7.4 October 28, 2016

    • Various fixes and improvements
  53. Fantastical 2.7.3 October 20, 2016

    • Fixed incorrect Chinese birthday ages for some contacts
    • Fixed widget appearing blank if Timeline setting is disabled
    • Fixed widget sometimes not showing when there were additional events on a day
    • Various fixes and improvements
  54. Fantastical 2.7.2 October 3, 2016

    • Various fixes and improvements
  55. Fantastical 2.7.1 September 27, 2016

    • Overdue reminders are now shown more prominently in the Today widget
    • Added option to hide the calendar in the Today widget on iOS 10
    • Improved readability of Today widget on iOS 10
    • Fixed Today widget layout sometimes appearing incorrectly on iOS 9
    • Various fixes and improvements
  56. Fantastical 2.7 September 16, 2016

    • Fantastical for iPhone now requires iOS 9 or iOS 10
    • Updated Today widget that shows your schedule at a glance and can be expanded to show more details
    • Added option to show only some calendars and reminder lists in the Watch app
    • Added option to show all-day events in the Watch complication
    • New launcher style for Watch complication to quickly open Fantastical from a watch face
    • Faster Watch complication updates on watchOS 3
    • Numeric keyboard row now appears more consistently with third-party keyboards
    • New 3D Touch gestures: 3D Touch on the red header to go to a different date, 3D Touch on a date picker to jump to today
    • Improved support for when receiving shared items from OmniFocus
    • Improved keyboard shortcuts when using a Bluetooth keyboard
    • Various fixes and improvements
  57. Fantastical 2.6.5 August 9, 2016

    • Fixed a potential crash when sharing to Fantastical
    • Fixed a potential problem typing new events with third-party keyboards
    • Fixed not being able to swipe to delete canceled Exchange events
    • Various fixes and improvements
  58. Fantastical 2.6.4 July 24, 2016

    • Added option to open links in Fantastical without switching to another app
    • Added option to email all invitees of an event (tap on the mail icon of an invitee)
    • Added additional custom repeat options for monthly and yearly events
    • Added option to show events and reminders for just today and tomorrow on Apple Watch
    • Fixed an issue where notifications could appear incorrectly if there are multiple birthdays
    • Fixed an issue where typing into very long notes could cause the insertion point to jump around
    • Reminders are now sorted so higher priority reminders are shown first
    • Apple Watch app improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
  59. Fantastical 2.6.3 March 14, 2016

    • Various fixes and improvements
  60. Fantastical 2.6.2 February 29, 2016

    • Can now tap and hold on an event in the week view to move, duplicate, or delete it
    • Fixed an issue where some birthdays could appear with the incorrect age
    • Fixed an issue where the app header would disappear when sharing a contact from an invitation
    • Fixed the time shifting incorrectly when changing an event to floating time zone
    • Fixed an issue where multiple notifications at the same time would not appear correctly on an Apple Watch
    • Fixed an issue where dictating repeating events from the Apple Watch app did not save the repeating rule
    • Various fixes and improvements
  61. Fantastical 2.6.1 January 26, 2016

    • Swipe on an invitation in the pending invitations section to ignore the invitation without sending a response
    • Added option to show the selected day and next day in the list
    • Added support for Chinese lunar birthdays
    • Apple Watch complication now includes overdue reminders when showing the number of remaining items
    • Fixed a crash when viewing event invitations
  62. Fantastical 2.6 January 10, 2016

    • Improved Time Travel with the Apple Watch complication
    • Fixed an issue where the Today widget would sometimes not appear
    • Accessibility fixes
    • Various fixes and improvements
  63. Fantastical 2.5.3 December 11, 2015

    • Large Apple Watch complication now shows if there are two upcoming events at the same time
    • Show only the current date with the small Apple Watch complication (instead of the current date and weekday)
    • Tapping and holding in the week view now reschedules events more reliably (iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only)
    • Added support for opening links in Firefox
    • Fixed a crash when using search on iOS 8
    • Fixed an issue where reminders could appear duplicated in the Apple Watch app when completing them
  64. Fantastical 2.5.2 November 16, 2015

    • Added Peek and Pop to preview events and reminders for iPhone 6s
    • Added customization settings for Fantastical's Apple Watch complication to show the current date or the next upcoming event or reminder
    • Search now more clearly shows when there are no matches
    • Today widget now respects system text size setting
    • Fixed an issue where opening a location in Google Maps would sometimes not show the correct result
    • Fixed an issue where completed reminders would appear for too long on Apple Watch
    • Fixed not being able to change the repeat rule for some events
    • Various fixes and improvements
  65. Fantastical 2.5.1 October 15, 2015

    • Apple Watch complication now updates more consistently
    • Fixed an issue where your Apple Watch could vibrate unexpectedly
    • Fixed not being able to hide some calendars on the Apple Watch
    • Additional Apple Watch fixes and improvements
    • Using /calendarname to choose a calendar now searches account names if there are no matching calendars
    • Various fixes and improvements
  66. Fantastical 2.5 October 7, 2015

    • 3D Touch! Press firmly on the Fantastical app icon for quick actions
    • Fantastical's Apple Watch app now includes complications, a "go to date" option, plus improved speed and stability thanks to a native app (requires watchOS 2)
    • Additional iOS 9 fixes and improvements
    • Improved design for week view
    • Tap and hold on locations or URLs to choose an app to open them in (e.g. Google Maps or Apple Maps)
    • Multiple invitation notifications are now shown separately instead of grouped into a single notification
    • Improved highlight weekends for countries that have weekends on Friday and Saturday
    • Fixed hang when adding new events with VoiceOver
    • Fixed location and phone data detectors not appearing in event titles
    • Various fixes and improvements
  67. Fantastical 2.4.2 September 10, 2015

    • Various fixes and improvements
  68. Fantastical 2.4.1 August 18, 2015

    • Various fixes and improvements
  69. Fantastical 2.4 July 29, 2015

    • Drafts! While adding a new event or reminder, swipe down on the red header and it will save as a draft. Now you can browse your schedule, add another new event or reminder, or resume your draft at any time!
    • Full support for Japanese, including natural language event and reminder creation
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Time zone override setting is now respected for Apple Watch app
    • Snooze notification improvements for Apple Watch app
    • Various fixes and improvements
  70. Fantastical 2.3.1 June 13, 2015

    • Various fixes and improvements
  71. Fantastical 2.3 June 3, 2015

    • Introducing Fantastical 2 for Apple Watch. It's Fantastical, on your wrist!
    • Various fixes and improvements
  72. Fantastical 2.2.7 May 19, 2015

    • Fixed past events in the Today widget not dimming
    • Fixed issue when editing custom repeat settings
    • Better handling of snoozed recurring Reminders
    • Various fixes and improvements
  73. Fantastical 2.2.6 April 13, 2015

    • Events and reminders are now separate in Today Widget settings
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using notifications
    • Various fixes and improvements
  74. Fantastical 2.2.5 March 25, 2015

    • Added Handoff support (with Fantastical 2 for Mac and Fantastical 2 for iPad)
    • Added option to set an alert for 12 hours before an event
    • Fixed a problem where the badge count and notifications would sometimes not appear
    • Fixed a problem where opening locations in Google Maps wouldn't work with certain region settings
    • Various fixes and improvements
  75. Fantastical 2.2.4 February 20, 2015

    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical could crash when using overdue recurring reminders
    • Fixed an issue where long notes would appear clipped when viewing an event
    • Various fixes and improvements
  76. Fantastical 2.2.3 January 29, 2015

    • Improved search to reduce the chance of unexpected matches
    • Added support for Opera Mini
    • Fixed a problem when editing detached recurring events
    • Fixed an issue where alerts could disappear from the lock screen
    • Various fixes and improvements
  77. Fantastical 2.2.2 December 5, 2014

    • Added the ability to change days in the Today widget when only the Events & Reminders option is enabled
    • Search now allows matching partial fragments of titles (e.g. “bday” will find Birthday)
    • Better handling of latitude and longitude coordinates for event locations
    • Fixed an issue when snoozing alerts on Exchange
    • Various fixes and improvements
  78. Fantastical 2.2.1 November 2, 2014

    • Fixed a problem when creating reminders with due dates from the app extension
    • Default calendar setting is now respected in the app extension
    • Various fixes and improvements
  79. Fantastical 2.2 October 22, 2014

    • View your calendar and event list in Notification Center with Fantastical's Today widget
    • Quickly create events or reminders from selected text in extension-enabled apps with Fantastical's app extension
    • Interactive notifications let you quickly snooze an alert or complete a reminder
    • Enhanced landscape view shows your event list when using iPhone 6 Plus
    • Fantastical 2 now requires iOS 8
    • Various fixes and improvements
  80. Fantastical 2.1.4 September 27, 2014

    • Additional iOS 8 improvements
    • Fixed a crash with iOS 7
    • Fixed a crash when using TextExpander
  81. Fantastical 2.1.3 September 24, 2014

    • Native display support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
    • Fixed an issue when editing invitees from existing events
    • Fixed a hang when creating reminders with a geofence
    • Various fixes and improvements
  82. Fantastical 2.1.2 September 15, 2014

    • Added an option to disable the numeric keyboard (only for 4" screens)
    • Fixed certain URLs not opening in the browser correctly
    • Improved iOS 8 compatibility
    • Improved conference call passcode detection
    • Various fixes and improvements
  83. Fantastical 2.1.1 August 12, 2014

    • List now shows reminders that have an alert time but not a due date (mainly for Exchange tasks)
    • Reminders view can now be opened directly with the URL handler (fantastical2://show?view=reminders)
    • Added Dolphin Browser as a default browser option
    • Fixed snooze options sometimes not appearing if Fantastical was not running in the background
    • Fixed a hang when editing a reminder's due date on iOS 8
    • Fixed a potential crash on iOS 8 when accepting invitations
    • Fixed an autocapitalization bug on iOS 8
    • Fixed birthday alert times not saving correctly
    • Fixed birthday alerts being incorrect when the alert is set before the birthday
    • Various fixes and improvements
  84. Fantastical 2.1 July 23, 2014

    • Snooze! Open a Fantastical event or reminder notification to see snooze options
    • Search and add locations or contacts’ addresses when creating new events (tap the arrow in the location field)
    • New event invitation notifications and app icon badge option
    • Upcoming birthday notifications
    • Setting to hide the event details location map
    • Event preview when duplicating and moving items
    • Keyboard shortcuts when using an external keyboard (open Settings > Help > Tips and Tricks for more info)
    • Improved calendar colors in the week view
    • Improved appearance for timed events that span multiple days in the week view
    • Various fixes and improvements
  85. Fantastical 2.0.7 May 21, 2014

    • Improved week view layout when showing many overlapping events
    • Fixed a problem where alerts for reminders didn't update when using Move or Duplicate
    • Fixed a problem where posting to Facebook from a birthday wouldn't work
    • Fixed a problem where events in the week view could temporarily appear with the wrong color
    • Various fixes and improvements
  86. Fantastical 2.0.6 March 28, 2014

    • Fixed additional iOS 7.1 compatibility issues
    • Various fixes and improvements
  87. Fantastical 2.0.5 March 11, 2014

    • New Fantastical notification sounds for events and reminders
    • Added support for opening links in 1Password and Mercury web browsers
    • Added an option to send text messages in WhatsApp when sending messages from birthdays
    • Added support for creating events with floating time zones
    • Added an option for the app icon badge to show the current calendar week
    • Added swipe to delete for unwanted locations from the reminder geofence location list
    • Added support to tap on URLs and phone numbers in the title of events
    • Reminders with both a geofence and due date no longer trigger a notification until the day of the reminder is due
    • Visual update to week view to make events and event invitations easier to read
    • Improvements to conference call code detection
    • Improvements to accessibility
    • Improvements to search speed
    • Fixed a problem where duplicate notifications would sometimes appear
    • Various fixes and improvements
  88. Fantastical 2.0.4 January 3, 2014

    • Tapping and holding any back button now jumps back to the top view
    • Typing "task" or "todo" when creating a new item now keeps auto-capitalization enabled
    • Added support for Bold Text accessibility option
    • Improved reliability of App Icon Badge
    • Various fixes and improvements
  89. Fantastical 2.0.3 December 10, 2013

    • TextExpander support now requires TextExpander 2.3 or later
    • Added option to open maps in Waze
    • Fixed problems when editing recurring events with Google Calendar
    • Fixed an issue where future events wouldn't load if lots of reminders exist
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
  90. Fantastical 2.0.2 November 26, 2013

    • Improved location matching and search results for event details and when setting geofences for reminders
    • Added yet another App Icon Badge option: All Overdue Reminders (the same behavior as Apple’s Reminders app)
    • Fixed AM/PM incorrectly appearing in some places when using 24-hour time
    • Fixed invitees section appearing too small on 4" screens
    • Various fixes and improvements
  91. Fantastical 2.0.1 November 17, 2013

    • Fantastical 2 notifications now have a sound
    • Additional App Icon Badge options: Today's Remaining Events, Today's Due Reminders, and Incomplete Reminders
    • Adding a phone number as a location shows a call button in event details
    • Double-tapping a date picker switches between showing every minute and every five minutes
    • Added a "reminder" and "due" parameter to the URL handler. Example: fantastical2://parse?sentence=Buy%20milk&reminder=1&due=yyyy-MM-dd%20HH:mm
    • Additional parser improvements
    • Performance improvements for iPhone 4
    • Updated time zone database
    • Fixed a display issue with certain Asian languages
    • Fixed Dynamic Type not respecting large type settings from Accessibility
    • Fixed an issue where calendar colors could appear too dark or too light
    • Fixed an issue when editing events with a custom time zone
    • Fixed addresses in notes not opening in Google Maps when they should
    • Various fixes and improvements
  92. Fantastical 2.0 October 30, 2013

    • Initial release.

Fantastical for iPhone Release Notes

  1. Fantastical 1.1.6 September 23, 2013

    • Minor interface fixes when using iOS 7
  2. Fantastical 1.1.5 September 16, 2013

    • Minor interface fixes when using iOS 7
    • Various minor fixes and improvements
  3. Fantastical 1.1.4 July 18, 2013

    • Stability improvements
  4. Fantastical 1.1.3 July 9, 2013

    • Added a URL handler for searching. Example: fantastical://search?query=meeting or fantastical-x-callback://x-callback-url/search?query=meeting. Optional scope parameter can be title, location, invitees, or all.
    • Fixed a problem where you couldn't edit an alert that fires on a particular date after creating it
    • Fixed a problem where the ticker could appear out of position if you try scrolling the ticker and event list at the same time
    • Fixed a bug where the new event animation would appear incorrectly when specifying a different time zone
    • Fixed a bug where the event list could unexpectedly jump to the beginning of the day
    • Can now duplicate events to the same date
    • Various minor fixes and improvements
  5. Fantastical 1.1.2 May 13, 2013

    • Can now duplicate events from read-only calendars to writeable calendars
    • Added 45 minutes to the default event duration settings
    • Canceled events now appear crossed out in the event list
    • Fixed a problem where some events would appear incorrectly when changing time zones
    • Fixed a bug where an all-day event's alert wouldn't get set correctly on Exchange calendars
    • Various other improvements and bug fixes
  6. Fantastical 1.1.1 March 23, 2013

    • Added a new setting to show only one day at a time in the event list
    • Added x-callback-url support (see our FAQ page for more info)
    • Improved handling of invitations for recurring events
    • No longer allowed to add multiple alerts to Exchange events since Exchange doesn't support it
    • Fixed a bug where the times of new events could get ignored when time zone support was disabled
    • Fixed days in the DayTicker from appearing with extra characters in some languages
    • Fixed a bug where location text could get colored incorrectly sometimes
    • Various other improvements and fixes
  7. Fantastical 1.1 March 7, 2013

    • Multiple alerts when creating events
    • Time zone support
    • Duplicate or move events (tap and hold an event in the event list)
    • Go to a specific date (tap and hold the red title bar)
    • Event list is now scrollable when using the calendar
    • Today's timed events dim after the event has ended
    • Copied text containing event info can automatically be made into an event
    • Added setting to highlight weekends
    • Added setting to show empty days on the DayTicker
    • Added setting to display the number of today's remaining events or date on the app icon badge
    • State restoration (iOS 6 only)
    • A staggering number of other improvements, parser enhancements, and bug fixes
  8. Fantastical 1.0.4 January 30, 2013

    • Fixed multiple crashes
    • Fixed a problem where birthday events incorrectly appeared as all-day events
    • Fixed a problem where certain days incorrectly showed no events
    • Fixed a situation where the parser could ignore the time when entering a sentence
    • Various other bug fixes and improvements
  9. Fantastical 1.0.3 January 21, 2013

    • Specify the calendar for new events by adding "calendar [calendar name]" (e.g. "Lunch tomorrow at 1pm calendar home")
    • Improved handling when changing a new event's end date
    • Improved date handling when switching between all-day and timed events
    • "Unavailable" availability status now appears as "Out of office" when using Exchange
    • When creating a new event, tapping Show Details before entering a sentence now defaults to a timed event
    • Various other bug fixes and improvements
  10. Fantastical 1.0.2 December 19, 2012

    • Availability setting for all-day events now defaults to Free
    • Fixed a problem where today's date would sometimes appear on the DayTicker incorrectly
    • Fixed a crash when using certain characters to create a new event
    • Fixed a crash when creating a new event on iOS 5.1.1
  11. Fantastical 1.0.1 December 11, 2012

    • Added default alarms
    • Added Facebook badges to Facebook events
    • Improved performance when scrolling the DayTicker
    • Fixed crashes and other issues when loading very large numbers of events
    • Fixed minor locale problems with days of the week and dates (Japanese, Korean, and German in particular)
    • Various fixes and improvements
  12. Fantastical 1.0 November 29, 2012

    • Initial release
Fantastical for iOS and iPadOS