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You can send a sentence to Fantastical using AppleScript. Here's an example script to create the event "Wake up at 8am."

tell application "Fantastical" parse sentence "Wake up at 8am" end tell

For full automation, you can have Fantastical create new events and tasks with no interaction by using the add immediately parameter:

tell application "Fantastical" parse sentence "Wake up at 8am" with add immediately end tell

URL Handler

Other apps can use the URL handler to send sentences to Fantastical.


Parses a string of text in Fantastical:

x-fantastical3://parse?s=Sentence goes here

Optional parameters

n: Adds a note to the new event

x-fantastical3://parse?n=notes&s=Sentence goes here

calendarName: Specify a calendar name for the event

x-fantastical3://parse?calendarName=Work&s=Sentence goes here

add: Add an event immediately, without interaction

x-fantastical3://parse?add=1&s=Sentence goes here

An example with all optional parameters:

x-fantastical3://parse?s=Sentence&n=A note&calendarName=Work&add=1


Open a Fantastical view:

x-fantastical3://show/mini x-fantastical3://show/calendar

Select a calendar set:

x-fantastical3://show/set?name=My Calendar Set

Reveal a specific date:

x-fantastical3://show/mini/yyyy-MM-dd x-fantastical3://show/calendar/yyyy-MM-dd

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