Groups and Smart Groups

Video: Working with Groups

Contacts can be grouped together for quick reference, and can be managed as follows:

Show or hide groups

The groups sidebar can be toggled on or off by clicking the icon to the lower-left of Cardhop's window, or from View > Show/Hide Groups.

Creating new groups

Either hover over the account name in the groups sidebar and click the + icon, or go to File > New Group.

Right-click a group to delete it.

Assigning contacts to groups

Right-click a contact to add it to a group or move it from an existing group to a new one.

You can also simply drag and drop the contact name to one of the groups in the groups sidebar.

Smart Groups

Create a group of contacts that automatically updates based on specific criteria, such as company names, location, email domains, and more.

Use File > Create Smart Group (Command + Option + N) to start creating a Smart Group. Give the group a name, then pick from an array of criteria including Name, Company, Email, location details, URL, notes and others.

You can add multiple rules and sub-rules to fine-tune your contact filtering.

You can also share a smart group with other people. Open Cardhop, right-click a smart group in the Groups column, then click Copy Smart Group URL.