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Integration with other apps

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Other apps can use the URL handler to send sentences to Cardhop.

  • x-cardhop://
  • x-cardhop://x-callback-url/


  • x-cardhop://parse?s=call%20Mike

Opens the parser to search, add, edit and interact with contacts.


  • s string: text to parse
  • list string: name or identifier of the list to filter results
  • add boolean: "Y", "y", "T", "t", or a digit 1-9 when a new contact that was parsed should be added immediately


  • x-cardhop://show?contact=Mike%20Ross

Opens the app and shows a specific contact or goes to a specific view.


  • id string: identifier of a contact to show
  • contact string: name or identifier of the contact to show (me shows user's card)
  • view string: view to show or select in the app (favorites, recents, contacts, birthdays, settings or cards, lists)

Additional Parameters

When showing a contact
  • action string: identifier of an action to perform (valid actions contain edit call, message and mail) or base64 encoded data of the serialized action
  • list string: identifier or name of the list the contact belongs to (used for filtering search results when there are multiple contacts with the same name)
When showing one of the main views in the app
  • list string: name or identifier of the list to select (affects contacts and birthdays views)


  • x-cardhop://preferences?path=notifications

Opens the app and shows the preferences.


  • path string: part of the preferences to show

Additional Parameters

Supported paths
  • help: shows the help and contact information
  • about: shows credits and related apps
  • notifications: shows settings for notifications
  • actions: shows settings for quick actions
  • cards: shows settings for the business card

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