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Create a contact from a Quick Note

Cardhop on iPadOS supports the Quick Notes feature so that you can quickly create a new contact in Cardhop using information from your quick note.

In your Quick Note, tap the ellipses in the top right corner, select Share, then select Cardhop.

Cardhop will open and enter the contact information in the parser.

Verify the details and tap Add Contact to add the contact directly to Cardhop.

Link a Cardhop contact to a Quick Note

You also have the ability to link one of your Cardhop contacts directly to your Quick Note so that you can easily access the contact details directly from the note.

Tap your contact in Cardhop so that it is selected, then activate a Quick Note from the bottom right corner of your iPad. You will see an option to Add Link + along with your contact name in the Quick Note.

Tap Add Link + to link the contact directly to your note and then you can add any other information you need for that contact directly to the note.

Once you have your contact linked to the note, you can tap the contact on the Quick Note and it will open Cardhop and take you to that specific contact.

Quick Notes will also know when you are viewing a contact in Cardhop that you have linked to a note, and will show a small prompt to let you quickly open the note.

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