Video: Settings

My Card

  • My Card: Choose which card Cardhop will use to identify you

  • Business Card: Change the appearance of your business cards, create new cards and choose which fields are displayed on them


  • Default: Dark list and light contact cards

  • Dark: Dark list and dark contact cards

  • Light: Light list and light contact cards


  • Sort By: Choose how Cardhop should sort cards

  • Display Name: Choose how Cardhop should display cards

  • Show Nickname: Use a contact's nickname alongside, or instead of, their real name

  • Address Format: Select which address format to use when adding a location

  • Default Country Code: Select the country code to use when adding contact phone numbers

  • Default Account: Choose a default contact account, and rename existing accounts

  • Contact Template: Configure the default fields to display when creating a contact manually

  • Directories: Log in to Google, Exchange or Office 365 to search in your directories

  • Birthday Notifications: Configure birthday notifications

  • Siri Shortcuts: Add a number of shortcuts to Siri, allowing you to trigger Cardhop interactions with your voice

  • Detect Clipboard Content: Check the clipboard for relevant contact information when opening Cardhop

  • Automatically Activate Parser: Activates the search bar when opening the app


  • Quick Actions: Choose where you want quick actions to appear throughout Cardhop

  • Keyboard Actions: Customize the keyboard actions bar that is shown when searching

  • Default Browser: Select the web browser you want URLs to open in (only shown if you have a supported browser installed)

  • Compose Mails in: Select the mail app you want to open when sending email (only shown if you have a supported mail app installed)

  • Open Maps in: Select the maps app you want locations to open in when you tap them (only shown if you have a supported map app installed)

  • Twitter App: Select the Twitter app you want to use when sending tweets or showing Twitter profiles (only shown if you have a supported Twitter app installed)


  • Show Parser Suggestions: Disable this option to hide the suggestions that appear when activating the search bar

  • Load Images From Gravatar: Automatically search for a Gravatar profile picture when adding email addresses to contacts

  • vCard: Share Photo: Enable this to include the contact photo when you share a contact card

  • vCard: Share Notes: Enable this to include the contact notes when you share a contact card

  • Export All Contacts: Share all your contacts as a single .vcf file