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Fantastical includes a number of shortcuts for use in the Shortcuts app, allowing you to create simple or complex shortcuts with Fantastical:

  • Change Calendar Set: Changes the currently active calendar set

Calendar set

  • Create From Input: Creates a new event or task from a given input

From input

  • Get Invitees from Event: Retrieve the invitees from a Fantastical Event

Get invitees

  • Open on Date: Open Fantastical on the specified date

Open on date

  • Overdue Tasks: Shows all tasks that are overdue

Overdue tasks

  • Show Calendar: Shows upcoming events on a specific calendar

Show calendar

  • Show List: Shows all incomplete tasks on a specific list

Show list

  • Show Schedule: Shows the schedule for a customizable date. Defaults to “Today”, but tap the variable see other options.

Show schedule

  • Upcoming Item: Shows the next upcoming item. Change the default variable from “item” to “Ask Each Time” to select either “event/task/item”.

Upcoming item

  • Create New Event in Fantastical: Make a new event

Create new event

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