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Getting Started

Getting started with Fantastical is simple, and we'll walk you through the process.

Start-up prompts

The first time you open Fantastical you'll be greeted with a few of iOS's security prompts. These prompts will ask for permission to access your calendars, contacts and location. Make sure you grant Fantastical access to these, as Fantastical will need them to display your calendars, invite your contacts to events, and add locations to events and tasks. Fantastical only needs access to your data to show you your schedule, it does not pass any data to third parties. Please refer to our privacy page for full details on exactly what data Fantastical collects and why.

Allow access

Creating a Flexibits account

When you first open Fantastical you'll be prompted to sign up for a Flexibits account. This is used to manage your subscription, sync calendar sets, templates, notifications, weather and more. Flexibits does not use your data for commercial purposes, and you can read more about our data safeguarding practices in our privacy policy.

Create account

After signing up, you will be presented with your account key. This is used to secure your account data, and it is required to sign in to Fantastical on other devices if your devices do not share the same iCloud account.

Check your subscription status, view your account key and sign out of your Flexibits account in Fantastical's settings.

IMPORTANT: You only need a single Flexibits account for all of your devices. When you log in to your Flexibits account on other devices, choose the "Sign In" option and use the same login method that you used when you originally created your Flexibits account (either your email address and password directly, Sign in with Apple, or Sign in with Google).

If you don't use the same sign in method, you will end up with multiple accounts which cause sync and subscription problems.

Connecting calendar accounts

Connect your calendar accounts directly to Fantastical. Open Fantastical's in-app settings and tap Accounts > Add Account. Select the calendar service you use to sync your events and enter your credentials to connect the account directly to Fantastical.

Connect accounts

Viewing calendars and tasks from the built-in apps

To make full use of Fantastical's various features, we recommend adding your accounts directly to Fantastical. However, you can enable the "Show iOS Calendars and Reminders" option in Fantastical's Settings > Accounts and any calendars or tasks you've configured to work with Apple's Calendar and Reminders apps (iOS Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account) will be available in Fantastical.

Built-in accounts

Viewing different dates

Scroll the event list or DayTicker to view different dates. To return to today, tap the month and year header at the top of the screen. Tap and hold this header to jump to a specific date.

Viewing different dates

Calendar sets

Calendar sets let you to create different collections of calendars or task lists and quickly switch between them, allowing you to view only what's pertinent at any given time. For example, you might have calendar sets that consist of personal and work calendars, or you might configure calendar sets for things like study groups, school and sport timetables, a TV guide, an Astronomy schedule etc.

The current calendar set name is displayed at the top of the screen. Tap this to switch between calendar sets, or choose the Manage Calendars option to create and edit new calendar sets. Alternatively, open Fantastical's Settings > Calendars to manage your calendar sets.

Calendar sets

You can configure calendar sets to activate at a certain time of day or location. For example, if you are in the office until 5pm you may want your "Work" calendar set to be active only during that time, and then your "Personal" calendar set could be shown in the app after those work hours – or even when you change location and arrive back home.

In addition to the general Default Calendar option in Fantastical's settings, you can also set a default calendar per calendar set, which will override the general default. Go to Fantastical's Settings > Calendars to see what the default calendar is for each set and change it here if necessary too.

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