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Video: Scheduling with Openings

Fantastical Openings makes it easy to share your available time slots with others so they can quickly choose a time that works for everyone.

Pick a calendar set for Fantastical to use to check your availability, create a template with the time slots you want to make available, and Fantastical will sync your open time slots to the template. You can then send out the convenient Fantastical link so that the recipient is able to see all of your available time slots and pick the one that works best for them.

To calculate your availability, Openings uploads which time slots you are unavailable to Flexibits. No event details (name, location, invitees, etc.) are uploaded to Flexibits when using Openings. Openings also uploads the names of your calendar accounts and the name and color of your calendars. Please see our privacy policy for full details.

Enable Openings and choose your calendar set

To begin, go to Settings > Openings and toggle on the option to 'Enable Openings'.

Next, choose the calendar set you want to use to sync your free time slots. You can set this to All Calendars or another calendar set you have created in Fantastical. Openings will only sync available time slots from the calendar set that you choose here, so you need to make sure you pick a set that includes all the calendars you want to use to check your availability.

Enable openings iOS

Finally, select the 'Meeting Templates' button to manage your templates.

Manage Openings

The Openings section of your Flexibits Account allows you to create new meeting templates to share your availability with others, edit existing meeting templates, customize the meeting link you send to others, or disable Openings completely.

Manage Opensings

Meeting templates

To create a new meeting template, select the 'New Meeting Template' button and enter the template's details. You can create multiple templates that can be used for different scenarios in your life.

Template details

  • Name: Enter the name of the meeting template. This will be visible to your invitees when they view your available slots.

  • Description: Enter a description for the template. This will be visible to your invitees when they view your available slots.

  • Meeting Duration & Start Interval: Set the duration of your meeting (each meeting can be up to 12 hours long) and choose the start interval for your meetings. The start interval can match the meeting duration, or you can change it to offer more meeting options during the day.

  • Calendar: Choose the calendar that you want the meetings to be added to once they are confirmed. If you choose a calendar that is not in the calendar set you picked in Settings > Openings, then this calendar will not be used to check your availability and can result in a slot being double-booked.

Template details

  • Conference Call Type: Add a conference call to your Openings link. Conference call types currently supported are Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. (You need to add a Zoom or Webex account to Fantastical for these options to appear, and Google Meet and Microsoft Teams options will only appear if the template's calendar belongs to a Google or Microsoft calendar.)

  • Custom Link Name: Customize the last part of the link name that you will be sharing. This uses the name of the template by default, but can be edited.

After completing the template details, select the 'Availability' section. Here you will choose the days and times you are available, the time zone for the template, if you want to include a break time and lead time for meetings, and how far in the future to allow meetings to be scheduled.

Template availability

Use the checkboxes to select the days you want to offer time slots.

When you enable a specific day, you can then edit the time block(s) for that day. For example, if you want to offer three separate blocks of time on Mondays, then enable the box for Monday, edit the first time block, and click the '+' to add new time blocks for that day. You have the option to set up different time blocks for each day that you have enabled in the template. Your Flexibits Account will use the time blocks in your template to check for available time slots in the calendar set you have selected in Settings > Openings, and only the time frames you have unscheduled will appear to others when sharing the template's URL with them.

Once that is done, choose the time zone that you want the meetings to be listed in.

Template availability

Next add a break time to your template if you want to enforce a minimum amount of time between booked events and adjacent events. You can choose to have this before or after your Openings events.

You can also add lead time to your meetings which allows you to control how soon a meeting can be requested, giving you the time you need to prepare for each meeting.

Then, set the limit on when meetings can be scheduled for each template.

Choose to allow meetings up to a certain amount of days in the future, or set a specific time frame to display available slots.

Template availability

Finally, select the 'Approval' section and choose whether to have Flexibits automatically approve meetings that fit into your schedule, or choose to manually review them beforehand.

Template approval

  • Automatically Approve Meetings: Meetings will be automatically approved when a time is selected in the Openings link. It will be added directly to your calendar and your calendar account will send out an invite to the person requesting the time. This is the default setting for meeting templates.

  • Manually Approve Meetings: You will be notified in Fantastical that a meeting has been requested, giving you the opportunity to accept or decline it.


Fantastical link username

Click in the box to edit the username in the Fantastical link that will be sent to invitees.

Disable Openings

Disable openings

Selecting this option will only disable the Openings feature in Fantastical. After you disable Openings, you will have the option to delete all of the Openings data from your account completely.

Sharing your availability with others.

Each Meeting Template you create will have a unique Fantastical link that you can easily share with a specific invitee or group of invitees.

Once the URL is shared, the recipient can click the link and see all your available slots, allowing them to select a time when your calendar is currently empty.

Sharing availability

At the top, the recipient will see the title and description you provided in your template, an option to change the time zone they are currently viewing the openings in, and if a conference call will be added to the event.

Invitees will view the available dates per month in the center of the screen, to quickly choose a date in the future and see your available times.

Sharing availability

Once a date has been selected, the list of available times for that day will be displayed.

When the date/time has been chosen, the recipient will enter their information, verify their choice, and then request the meeting. The recipient can also select Add Guests to add and notify additional guests of the scheduled event.

Sharing availability

Depending on the setting you chose in the 'Approval' section when creating the template (see above), you will either be notified that you need to approve the meeting, or it will automatically be created on your calendar.

Viewing your Openings in Fantastical

To view your requested meetings in Fantastical, make sure you open Fantastical > Settings > Calendars and enable the Fantastical Scheduling Openings calendar on the calendar set you are viewing in the app.

Openings calendar

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