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Zoom Integration

Fantastical integrates with Zoom, allowing you to add Zoom meetings directly to events using Fantastical.

Video: Connecting to a Zoom Account

Adding your Zoom account

Add your Zoom account by opening Fantastical's settings, tapping Accounts, tapping the plus button, then tapping Zoom. Sign in to your Zoom account and it will appear in Fantastical's list of accounts.

Attaching Zoom meetings to events

You can create a Zoom event for any event or invitation. Tap Show More when creating a new event or tap Edit on an existing event, then tap "Add Zoom Meeting." The Zoom meeting info will automatically be added to the event's notes.

Need to remove a Zoom meeting that you already created? Edit an event, tap "Configure Zoom Meeting", tap "Remove Zoom Meeting", then save the event.

Removing your Zoom account

Remove your Zoom account from Fantastical's Accounts settings. Once you remove your Zoom account Fantastical will no longer have access to it. Personal data about your events is not kept on Flexibits servers.

Uninstalling and deauthorizing Fantastical from Zoom

  1. Log in to your Zoom account

  2. Navigate to the App Marketplace under the Advanced settings.

  3. Click Manage > Installed Apps

  4. Click Uninstall next to Fantastical for iOS.

Automatically adding Zoom URLs to event locations

Want to have the Zoom meeting URL automatically added to the location of your events? Go to Fantastical's Accounts settings, tap your Zoom account, then enable "Add Meeting URL to Location."

Using Zoom with Fantastical on multiple devices

Fantastical is only able to sign in to Zoom on one Mac and one iOS device. If you have two iOS devices and sign in to Zoom on both devices you will need to reauthenticate with Zoom whenever you want to use it on a particular device. The same is true for multiple Macs. This is a limitation in how Zoom's device authentication works.

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