Getting Started

Getting started with Fantastical is simple, and we'll walk you through the process.

Start-up prompts

The first time you open Fantastical you'll be greeted with a few of iOS's security prompts. These prompts will ask for permission to access your calendars, contacts and location. Make sure you grant Fantastical access to these, as Fantastical will need them to display your calendars, invite your contacts to events, and add locations to events and reminders. Fantastical only needs access to your data so you can see your schedule, it never sends your personal data to Flexibits or anyone else.

Viewing your calendars and reminders

Viewing your existing calendars and reminders is easy: grant Fantastical permission access to them and they'll appear immediately! Any calendars or reminders you've configured to work with Apple's Calendar and Reminders apps (iOS Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account) will be available in Fantastical.

Viewing different dates

Scroll the event list or DayTicker to view different dates. To return to today, tap the month and year header at the top of the screen. Tap and hold this header to jump to a specific date.

Adding additional calendar accounts (via iOS settings)

If you want to add a new account, go to iOS's Settings > Calendar > Accounts and select Add Account. Once you add your account it will be shown in Fantastical.