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Print your calendar in helpfully formatted day, week, month, year, or list views. Simply select Print from the File menu, or use the ⌘P shortcut to open the print preview. You can then browse through the pages scheduled for printing, zoom in and out for a closer look, and choose to disable or enable specific calendars.


Printing Settings

  • View: Choose to print a day, week, month, year, or list of events.
  • Paper: Select the type of paper that you'd like to print on.
  • Starts: Choose which date you’d like your printout to begin on.
  • Ends: Specify your printout's end date.
  • Calendar Set: Select which Calendar Set(s) you wish to include on your printout.
  • All-day events: Choose whether to include or exclude all-day events.
  • Timed events: Choose whether to include or exclude timed events.
  • Calendar week numbers: Add calendar week numbers to your printout.
  • Mini calendar: Choose to display a mini calendar in the top-right of your printout.
  • Calendar keys: Select whether to display color-coded keys to label your calendars.
  • Black and white: Print in black and white only.
  • Text size: Choose between three text display options.

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