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Link a Fantastical event to a Quick Note

Using Quick Notes, you can link a Fantastical item to a Quick Note so that you can easily access the event or task details directly from the note.

Select your item in Fantastical, then activate a Quick Note from the bottom right corner of your Mac. Click the Add a link button at the top of the note and you will see a list of items you can add to the Quick Note.

Quick Notes

Click Add Link for the Fantastical event to link the event to your note and then add any other information you need directly to the note.

Quick Notes

Once you have your event linked to the note, double-click the event on the Quick Note and it will open Fantastical and take you to that specific event.

Quick Notes also know when you are viewing an event in Fantastical that has been previously linked to a note, and will show a small prompt to let you quickly open the note.

Quick Notes

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