Calendar Views

Fantastical provides two ways to view your events and reminders.

Mini Window

The Mini Window sits in your menu bar — accessible at any time with a keyboard shortcut — which provides a list of upcoming events, an input field for quickly adding new items, and tools for conveniently editing, searching, and reviewing your entire calendar.

Video: Mini Window

The Mini Window can be detached from the menu bar by clicking on the search/input bar at the top and dragging it where you need it. You can reattach the window to the menu bar by dragging it back to the Fantastical menu bar icon, or by choosing Attach Mini Window from the Action menu at the bottom.

You can also anchor the Mini Window to keep it visible when switching to other apps. Use "Keep Mini Window in Front" in the Action menu, or use the shortcut ⌃⌘A.

The Mini Window can be easily navigated with just the keyboard. See the Keyboard Shortcuts section for more information.

Full Calendar Window

The Full Calendar Window provides an overview of your entire calendar, with day, week, and month, and year views. The sidebar shows a mini calendar for the month and a summary of all events related to the current view.

Video: Full Calendar Window