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Video: Attachments

Fantastical allows you to create and view attachments linked to your events. Fantastical automatically downloads attachments for your upcoming events, including attachments that are received as part of an invitation.


Adding attachments

Click the Add Attachment button or drag a file onto an event's details. Once you add or save the event the attachment will be uploaded. If you attach files to an event with invitees then the attachment will also be sent to the invitees.

Deleting attachments

Delete an attachment by clicking on an attachment in an event's details and pressing delete. You can also click on the right side of the attachment to show a menu and select delete.

Quick Look and saving attachments

You can use Quick Look to preview the contents of an attachment that has been downloaded. Click on an attachment and then press the space bar to open Quick Look. If an attachment has not been downloaded then you can click the download button next to the attachment and select a location to save the attachment.

If you want to save an attachment as a separate file you can drag the attachment to the Finder, or click on the right side of the attachment and select save.

Downloading attachments from old events

Attachments are kept on your computer until an event is more than 45 days old, at which time they're deleted to save space. You can always go back and download attachments for old events by viewing the details of an event and clicking the download button next to the attachment.

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