Quickly create entries, search them, and navigate between views using Fantastical's many shortcuts.

Modifier Keys

  • Option-click the menu bar icon to open the Full Calendar Window.
  • Option-double-click a date or event in the Mini Window to jump to it in the Full Calendar Window.
  • Option-drag to duplicate an event in the day, week, and month views.
  • Option-drag in the week view to create a timed event that repeats across multiple days.
  • Hold command and option, then drag to create an event over an existing event.
  • Dragging an event in the day and week views snaps to 15-minute increments. Hold down shift while dragging to disable this.
  • Press the option key when changing an Exchange category to replace existing categories on the event.
  • Press the option key when clicking the travel time popup to toggle between calculating travel time from your home or work address.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ⌃⌥Space: Open or close Fantastical (customizable in Preferences)
  • ⌘F: Search
  • ⌘N: Enter a new event
  • ⌘T: Go to Today
  • ⌘R: Show or hide the Reminders list
  • ⌘Q: Quit
  • ⌘,: Preferences
  • ⌘P: Print
  • ⌘I: Get info
  • ⌘K: Toggle between event and reminder mode when adding a new item
  • ⌃⌘A: Toggle keep Mini Window on top mode
  • ⇢: Jump to next month
  • ⇠: Jump to previous month
  • ⇧⇢: Jump to next day
  • ⇧⇠: Jump to previous day
  • ⇧⇣: Jump to next week
  • ⇧⇡: Jump to previous week
  • ⌘E: Show or hide details
  • ⌘⌫, ⌫: Delete item
  • ⌘⇧I: Show detected invitees (when creating a new event with people to invite)